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The Tome of Fate (2012), p127 — Characters dedicated to Nurgle

Nurgle and Tzeentch are in many ways diametrically opposed, for at the heart of the matter Tzeentch seeks to build ever more complex and improbable webs of power, while Nurgle embodies continuous growth, destruction, and renewal. The war between the two powers is ceaseless and played out across countless realities. That which Tzeentch creates and evolves to undreamed of heights of complexity and insane perfection, Nurgle's servants gnaw away at, seeking to bring the entire edifice toppling down so that new growth can emerge from the fecund grave. A follower of Nurgle in the house of Tzeentch is assailed by the cold, harsh (sur)reality of his surroundings and overcome with the desire to tear them down and rebuild anew according to Nurgle's bountiful design.

Personal Goal: To those dedicated to Nurgle, each Compact presents an opportunity to sow the seeds of decay and rebirth amongst the deluded servants of Tzeentch. The Heretic must actively and secretly work to ensure that the warband fails to complete the Compacts. For each Compact the Heretics fail to complete, the Heretic gains 200 Experience Points and 1d5 Infamy Points.