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The Tome of Excess (2013), p57 — Sacred Numbers

For reasons unknown to the minds of mere mortals, the subjects of numerology and Daemonology go hand in hand. Each of the four Chaos Gods hold a peculiar and unexplainable fixation with a particular number, and the followers of each Chaos power often find greater favour when they act in accordance with this number. For most, the effect is limited, but those that desire the favour of the Ruinous Powers would do well to observe the Sacred Numbers of Chaos!

Each Chaos God has a Sacred Number, the effects of which are described below:



Sacred Number: 7 (and multiples of 7)

Effect: Any Heretic with 7 more Nurgle-dedicated advances than any other type of advance treats his Toughness Bonus as one higher for the purposes of resisting toxins and poisons. Correctly using the number 7 in any Rite or Ritual dedicated to Nurgle grants a +20 bonus to all relevant Tests.