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The Tome of Excess

The Tome of Excess is the sourcebook for Slaanesh in Fantasy Flight Games' Black Crusade role-playing game.

p57 — Sacred Numbers

For reasons unknown to the minds of mere mortals, the subjects of numerology and Daemonology go hand in hand. Each of the four Chaos Gods hold a peculiar and unexplainable fixation with a particular number, and the followers of each Chaos power often find greater favour when they act in accordance with this number. For most, the effect is limited, but those that desire the favour of the Ruinous Powers would do well to observe the Sacred Numbers of Chaos!

Each Chaos God has a Sacred Number, the effects of which are described below:



Sacred Number: 7 (and multiples of 7)

Effect: Any Heretic with 7 more Nurgle-dedicated advances than any other type of advance treats his Toughness Bonus as one higher for the purposes of resisting toxins and poisons. Correctly using the number 7 in any Rite or Ritual dedicated to Nurgle grants a +20 bonus to all relevant Tests.

p72 — Glorifying Acts of Nurgle

Table 3-6: Glorifying Acts of Nurgle
Glorifying ActPrerequisiteCorruption PointsInfamy
Start the Plague-2 CP2 Infamy
Foster Famine-2 CP1 Infamy
Celebrate the Swarm-1 CP1-2 Infamy
Nurgle's IncubatorT 403 CP4 Infamy
Unleash the BuboesMaster Chirurgeon3 CP3 Infamy

Start the Plague

Prerequisite: None
Reward: 2 CP, 2 Infamy

The Heretic must infect a single victim with a virulent plague, one of Nurgle's blessings. He must then transfer the victim to another area to infect this population. Infecting a being and leaving him in his natural habitat is not enough; if the victim is then moved to another planet, so he infects the native population there, then Father Nurgle takes notice.

Foster Famine

Prerequisite: None
Reward: 2 CP, 1 Infamy

The Heretic must destroy a large body or amount of foodstuffs. This could be a grain store amidst a starving populace, a massive plantation of vital crops, or poisoning a huge body of drinking water on a desert world. The amount must be significant for Nurgle to take notice, it needs to affect at least an entire city's worth of mortals, but the larger the population the better.

Celebrate the Swarm

Prerequisite: None
Reward: 1 CP, 1-2 Infamy

The Heretic must create or smuggle in a large swarm of creatures to appear in a crowded and public place. The swarm could consist of vermin, insects, or any others that causes panic in large numbers. The swarm must be released at the most opportune time to create the greatest discord.

Nurgle's Incubator

Prerequisite: Toughness 40
Reward: 3 CP, 4 Infamy

The Heretic must become host to a terrible parasitic creature of Nurgle. The nature of the creature is up to the GM and player; it could be a nest of fist-sized flies, fluke-like creatures living in pustules upon the Heretic's neck, or something equally foul. The gestation period must be at least one month, in that time the Heretic should make frequent Toughness Tests or suffer ill effects at the GM's discretion for failing to appreciate Father Nurgle's blessings.

Unleash the Buboes

Prerequisite: Master Chirurgeon
Reward: 3 CP, 3 Infamy

The Heretic must devise a terrible virus or plague to be unleashed on an unsuspecting population. The creation of this disease can be of any origin, or it could be stolen or coerced from a third party. Nurgle only blesses his follower if he secretly infects one of his fellow Compact members with the new disease, which should require serious medicae attention to remedy.

p125 — Characters dedicated to Nurgle

To servants of Slaanesh, experience is a needle plunged directly into an eye. To them, the blessings of Nurgle are cold and stifling and damned never to attain their peak before being reduced to slurry. To those dedicated to Nurgle, Slaanesh's blessings are but fleeting and infertile things that serve no greater purpose at all.

Personal Goal: A Heretic dedicated to Nurgle earns an additional 100 Experience if he can infect an NPC with Nurgle's Rot during one or more of the trials of the Six Delights of Slaanesh. Doing so proves that, unlike the gifts of the Prince of Pleasure, those of the Father of Plagues are eternal and enduring.