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Rogue Trader

Not to be confused with the first edition Warhammer 40,000 core rulebook of the same name (which has no Nurgle-related content), this page refers to the Rogue Trader role-playing game published by Fantasy Flight Games. This spin-off from Dark Heresy sets the player characters at a higher starting level, as a rogue trader captain and executive crew with their own starship and a wealth of resources at their disposal.

p355 — Nurgle

The Lord of Pestilence, the Great Corruptor, the Master of Plague, the Fly Lord

Nurgle is the Chaos god of decay, disease, and entropy. Spreader of disease and Father of Decay, Grandfather Nurgle gathers all in his rotting embrace. His leprous kisses swell in the fullness of time to become glorious pus-flowers, the marks of his favoured children. His raddled laughter echoes across the blasted battlefields of the Imperium with only the bloated corpses of the dead to hear it.