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Battlefleet Gothic Magazine 12

In the article "A Call for Aid, a Plea for Mercy!", Roderick Easton provides house rules for alternate appeals charts in Battlefleet Gothic. That corresponding to followers of Nurgle is reproduced below:

p28 — A Call for Aid, a Plea for Mercy!

Nurgle Appeal Chart
2Nurgle's Rot strikes one of your best officers down. Next battle, a random capital ship loses -2 Leadership for the duration of the scenario.
3An infestation of Nurglings strikes the enemy fleet. Next battle select two random enemy capital ships to be infested. Treat the infestation as a Fire! critical hit.
4Nurgle marks one of your captains. You may add a Chaos Warlord with the Mark of Nurgle to your fleet roster.
5Nurgle infects a planet's atmosphere with a hideous disease, decimating the population. The next time you lose a planet in battle, it immediately becomes uninhabited.
6You receive a bodyguard of Plague Marine Terminators. Your flagship receives a +2 bonus to Boarding actions for the remainder of the campaign.
7Chaos Marines gather to your fleet. All ships in your fleet with a Chaos Lord onboard gain a +1 bonus to Boarding actions until the campaign ends.
8A select force of Veterans pledges its loyalty to you. You may assign them to any ship in your fleet, giving it a +1 bonus to all Boarding actions.
9One of your Sorcerers catches a glimpse of the near future. You may re-roll the dice for Initiative during the next campaign turn.
10One of your ships is covered by a strange fleshy extrusion from the warp. Choose a ship at the start of the next scenario. It receives a 2+ save against hits from lances and attack craft.
11A horrendous plague strikes one of your opponent's planets. Convoys of medical aid are rushed to it, depriving his fleet of much needed supplies. Next battle your opponent deploys D6x30 points less of ships.
12A number of your prisoners throw themselves down in devotion to Nurgle. One Penal Colony you control becomes a Mining Planet.