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Citadel Journal 26

This issue includes a fan-written Warhammer 40,000 campaign by Daniel Hill that features a Greater Daemon of Nurgle in the proceedings:

p6-12 — The Caudrax Campaign

There was also rumoured to be a secret chamber under the island of Praxis, deep in the heart of the planet, where it is said there is a gateway into the warp, guarded by a Greater Daemon, Ergr'ech Ar'gruag'ach, which is bound by the power of the portal. If the Black Crusade were to capture this portal and release the Greater Daemon, they could bring forth an unstoppable torrent of Daemons, Chaos Marines and Chaos Titans which would transform the tranquil, idyllic planet into a living hell where the oceans burn with fire and mortals are tortured horribly under the rule of their Daemonic masters.


Battle 5: Destroy the Portal

Mission Briefing

Imperial Space Marines: Local legend has it that there is a dangerous Warp Portal deep under the island of Praxis. The legend says that once, this portal was a dimensional teleporter, which went seriously wrong and opened a gateway into the warp. Here, it grows vague; the Explorators of the Imperium have been unable to decipher the crumbling message, written in ancient runes upon a slab of stone which was found when the Adeptus Mechanicus began to colonise the planet.

All that is known is that the race of creatures which once inhabited the planet fought a massive battle against the Daemons of the warp, and eventually had to bury the portal by forcing their way into the chamber and detonating an ultrasonic explosion device, causing an incredible earthquake which raised the sea level by 4,000 feet. This sank most of the land of the planet. It destroyed their entire civilisation, leaving only one ruined city of Praxis itself. Though the Caudrakians (as they are known) were all killed, what is left of the legend says that the portal was not closed.

There was reputedly one creature left - a Greater Daemon called Ergr'ech Ar'gruag'ach which vowed to guard the portal until his evil masters came to claim the planet. You have intercepted a transmission from the Chaos Space Hulks to the invaders on the planetary surface indicating that their next mission will be to liberate the Greater Daemon and prepare to open the portal, which will allow a huge influx of Chaos onto the planet in a very short time. The entrance to the portal is contained within one of the only buildings left from the ancient Caudrakian culture. If you destroy the building, the rubble will fall and kill the Greater Daemon, destroying the portal. This mission is of vital importance, and you must not fail. (Hint: Melta Bombs are very useful for demolition work.)

Victory Points
The Space Marine objective is to destroy the building containing the warp portal. If they destroy the building, then they automatically win the battle, and the game ends. If they have not destroyed the building by the end of the fourth turn, they have lost the game.

Mission Briefing

Chaos: The Chaos Sorcerers in your invasion force can feel the disturbances in the warp caused by the Greater Daemon, and you are mounting an attack to secure the portal and to release Ergr'ech Ar'gruag'ach. However, it is likely that the enemy will try to stop you by destroying the building. You must take the building and prevent the Space Marine forces from destroying your best chance to take the planet.

Victory Points
The Chaos army must actually have models in the building to claim it. If they have a squad with less than 50% casualties inside the building by the end of the game (and the building is still standing) then they automatically win the game as they will be able to bring in more and more troops through the portal.