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Citadel Journal 8

p13 — Greater Daemon Star Players

Where there's Chaos, there're Greater Daemons. These behemoths of the Blood Bowl pitch have a number of special rules. All Greater Daemons, with the exception of the Bloodthirster, have a Daemonic Aura instead of normal armour, and this follows all of the rules on the previous page. In addition, no Chaos team can ever have more than one Greater Daemon. The Greater Daemon they are allowed depends on their patron Chaos god. Teams that follow Khorne can have a Bloodthirster, Slaanesh teams can have a Keeper of Secrets, a Lord of Chnage plays for Tzeentch teams while the followers of Nurgle can have a Great Unclean One taking up the room at the back of the team coach.

Chaos daemons are bound to this world rather loosely. There is a chance that they will lose control of their mortal forms and temporarily return to the realms of Chaos. To represent this, a Greater Daemon has a Penalty Roll, just like a Dwarf Deathroller or a Goblin Chainsaw. The rules for Penalty Rolls are given in the Blood Bowl handbook.

Greater daemons are tougher than other daemons, and therefore they are only banished to the warp if they are Seriously Injured or Killed. If they are Badly Hurt they simply miss the rest of the game as usual.

Great Unclean One — Penalty Roll 9+

The huge bulk of a Great Unclean One is always a popular sight with the fans. As it spews gouts of putrid foulness at the opposition, the fans cheer and clap, pointing out patricularly virulent boils and blisters that erupt on the opposition.

A Great Unclean One can use a special Stream of Corruption attack instead of making a Block (this means it can move and use this attack if you declare a Blitz action). To resolve this use the teardrop-shaped template. Place the narrow end touching the Great Unclean One, the other end pointing towards the enemy. Any player (on either team) half or more under the template must make an immediate Dodge roll using these modifiers. If this is failed the player is knocked over and may be injured as normal:

The player does not actually move, he just tries to duck under the gout of filth blasting towards him.

p14 — Nurgle Team Roster

0-12Beastman60,0006338Ability: Horns
0-4Chaos Warrior100,0005439None
0-2Plague Bearer120,0006437*Abilities: Foul Appearance, Horns

Re-Roll counter: 70,000 gold pieces each.
* Daemons have a Daemonic Aura.

p15 — Mortius, Great Unclean One


Skills: Foul Appearance, Multiple Block, Pile On, Stand Firm, Thick Skull

Teams: Chaos - Nurgle

Special: Stream of Corruption

Price: 230,000 Gold Pieces