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Citadel Journal 4

p26 — Nurgle Magi

Nurgle is the lord of pestilence and decay, and his followers are often but a hair's breadth from being walking corpses. The Magi of this foul god are often corpulent, maggot-ridden examples of utter deterioration. They shamble into battle, or are borne upon palanquins carried on the shoulders of stumbling zombies or upon a tide of constantly moving Nurglings.

The powers bestowed to them by the Lord of Decay reflect the utter dedication Nurgle and his followers have for their cause. Withering gazes turn men into piles of rotten flesh and bone, buildings crumble and fall into ruin at the chanting of a verse.

A Chaos Magus of Nurgle is constantly surrounded by a swarm of flies, which buzz into vision slits and jam weapon mechanisms. Any enemies in close combat with the Magus suffer a -1 penalty to their CAF.

Nurgle's Stench: A foul odour begins to exude from the Magus, causing nearby troops to retch and vomit, collapsing to the ground as the unholy fumes corrode their innards. This power works on a 4+. Any model that is not a follower of Nurgle (friend or foe) within 15cm must make a saving throw with a +1 modifier or be destroyed. This means that models which do not usually gain a saving throw will succeed on a roll of 6.

Corrupting Glare: The Magus sweeps his gaze across the battlefield, turning all he looks upon to crumbling dust or rotten flesh. Buildings are eroded in seconds, while the telling tale of decades works upon the flesh of those who meet his malevolent stare. This power works on a 5+ and if successful allows the Magus to attack D3 targets within 50cm and in LOS, including buildings. Any model looked at in this way will be hit on a roll of 4+ and must save with a -2 modifier or be destroyed.

Corpulent Flesh: The body of the Magus begins to swell to impossible proportions, his guts spewing through tears in his skin. As he fattens his skin takes on a leathery feel and soon becomes rock hard. This power gives the Magus an unmodifed saving throw of 4+. So tough is his skin that he may also make a saving throw to prevent himself being killed in close combat. This lasts until nullified.