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The Third Citadel Compendium

The Citadel Compendiums are catalogues published by Citadel Miniatures in the 1980s that not only included the full range of available figures, but also articles on painting and modelling, new rules, and more.

While this periodical predates the creation of Nurgle, it does introduce the Plague Elemental which went on to be renamed as the Mabrothrax and relabelled as a Greater Daemon of Nurgle in Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay the following year.

Plague Elemental

p10-11 — Bellicose Bestiary

New Elementals

These new Elemental types are further manifestations of natural forces, akin to the basic elements of earth, air, fire and water. They have an affinity with one of the 4 elements, and will not attack, and cannot harm, other Elementals of that type. All the general rules that apply to Elementals hold true for these new ones (see page 47 of the Warhammer Battle Bestiary).


Basic Points Value 1133


Plague Elemental

This is an Elemental of the air. Its arrival can easily be foretold by a foul stench on the breeze, as of rotting flesh or garbage. Rules apply as for other Air Elementals. Plague Elementals can cast a Wind Blast spell, like other Air Elementals, but note that this is a rank, disgusting wind. This causes the equivalent of 1 strength 3 hit on each living target affected by the blast. Elves, because they are naturally fastidious if not obsessive about personal hygiene, suffer strength 4 hits instead. Victims turn black, their tongues swell horribly, skin blisters and great, yellow boils burst out all over their dying bodies.

Aside from the above rules article, the model of the Plague Elemental is also listed in the catalogue pages, as part of Citadel Miniatures' set C29 (Large Monsters) designed by Nick Bibby. The catalogue photograph is pictured to the right: