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The Tome of Decay (2014), p75 — Dedicating the Crusade

Triumph of Decay (Nurgle)

A Black Crusade dedicated to Nurgle fights not only with weapons and armies, but with one of the most basic principles of the universe - entropy. The vanguard of such a war effort is not soldiers or ships, but plague, despair, and decay. The warhosts of Nurgle play the long game in battle, knowing that all things crumble in time. With a little help from plagueships, and some judicious sabotage, the enemies of the Fly Lord starve in their fortresses as they find their supply lines become a vector for new corruption. Forces opposing the Black Crusade suffer -1 to rolls on Table 3-7: Enemy Reinforcements (see page 84) each Crusade Turn. However, the Warmaster's forces suffer -10 to Opposed Conflict Value Tests during the first Crusade Turn fighting in a new Territory, as they have not yet had time to let their favoured weapons do their work.

In order to lead a Black Crusade dedicated to Nurgle, the Warmaster must command at least three Fleets, and possess some means of corrupting the Imperium's supply lines (either one or more Cults or Cabals dedicated to Nurgle, or a unique advantage such as Plague Cauldrons. See Adjudicating Unique Forces on page 77).