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The Tome of Decay (2014), p72-73 — Nurglesque Gifts

The following Gifts are for Daemon Princes Aligned to Nurgle.

Death's Hand

One of the Daemon Prince's hands swells and drips with all manner of foetid liquids, gases, and slimes.

The Daemon Prince gains a weapon with the profile: (Melee; 1d10+7 I; Pen 0; Decay (7)). Death's Hand cannot be Disarmed or destroyed, and does not prevent the hand from performing other tasks. The Daemon Prince chooses which hand gains this Gift.

Lord of Decay

Mutated and twisted almost beyond recognition, the Daemon Prince sunders everything in his wake.

The Daemon Prince selects a number of Talents/Traits equal to his current Toughness Bonus (including Unnatural Toughness, but not bonuses from the Daemonic Trait) from the following list: Baleful Dirge, Corpus Conversion†, Disturbing Voice, Fear (+1), Hardy, Size (+1), Sound Constitution††, True Grit. Additionally, the Daemon Prince cannot use the Run Action.

†Although they are not human, Nurgle Daemon Princes practise sorcery that allows this ritual to function.

††The Daemon Prince may select this Talent up to 3 times, each time counting towards his maximum number of chosen Talents/Traits.

Noxious Touch

Riddled with nauseating diseases, touching the Daemon Prince's skin causes instant infections.

The Daemon Prince gains the Toxic (4) Trait and his unarmed attacks gain the Corrosive, Toxic (4), and Irradiated (4) Qualities.

Nurgle's Favour

The Daemon Prince receives a lesser boon of Nurgle that, whilst putrid, provides only a hint of the joyous putrefaction the Plague God provides.

The Daemon Prince selects a single Reward of Nurgle (See pages 300-301 of the Black Crusade Core Rulebook) from the following list: Corpulent Immensity, Daemonic Name, Face of Nurgle, Nurgle's Rot, Nurgling Infestation. He can select this Gift multiple times, but cannot choose a Reward he already possesses.


Swelling to massive proportions, the Daemon Prince transforms into a mountain of rotting flesh.

The Daemon Prince increases his Size by 1, gains 14 Armour Points on all locations (replacing existing armour), the Regeneration (7) Trait, and ignores Difficult Terrain when moving. He reduces his Agility by 40 (to a minimum of 7), and cannot make Evasion Tests. A Daemon Prince with this Gift cannot use or benefit from Daemonic Flight or the Unnatural Agility Trait.

Table 3-4: Nurglesque Daemonic Gifts
Death's Hand5
Lord of Decay15
Noxious Touch7
Nurgle's Favour14