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The Tome of Decay (2014), p129 — Characters Dedicated to Nurgle

While Nurgle's blessed need no additional reasons to undergo the trials beyond those presented in the adventure, his adherents still have the opportunity to prove their dedication to the Plaguefather by persisting longer than any of their allies. By enduring the longest, the children of the Lord of All can reaffirm his supremacy during the final trial, demonstrating that in the end, all must fade and rot in the face of their ruinous patron.

Personal Goal: While Nurgle's devout should know well that the trial in the Mire will be their mortal end, their patron also demands that they endure, and cling to existence for as long as possible. They must struggle even as they despair, and fight on to the bitterest of ends, dying with their god's name escaping their lips as their death rattle. To glorify Nurgle, they must therefore outlive the pawns of the other Ruinous Powers, surviving blows that fell others and laughing in the face of injuries that would kill any other warrior.

Additional Rewards: For each other Heretic involved in the final trial whom a Heretic dedicated to Nurgle outlives during the encounter, he gains 1 additional Infamy (to a maximum of 7) at the end of the encounter.