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The Tome of Decay (2014), p46-47 — Wargear and Equipment

Moreso than even the weapons of Nurgle, the tools and artefacts in service to the Plague God's minions show signs of corruption that can wilt the spirit of the most pious. Their original forms often lost behind centuries of bubbling decay, these devices have lost none of their potency, and in fact seem to draw strength from the stench of death.

Icon of Seeping Decay

Once-proud banners, badges, or other mighty totems of faith, the Icons of Seeping Decay have long since lost any regal visage and instead drip with the corruption of Nurgle, slowing those that would stand against him and strengthening those that walk the path of filth. An Icon of Seeping Decay is a large Icon and must either be carried in one hand or affixed to a sturdy backpack.

All characters aligned to Nurgle within a number of metres equal to the Heretic's Willpower Bonus count their Agility Bonus as 1 higher and may make a Difficult (-10) Toughness Test at the start of each of their Turns to remove 1 level of Fatigue. All other characters within that area count their Agility Bonus as 1 lower (to a minimum of 1) and must pass a Challenging (+0) Willpower Test at the start of each of their Turns or gain 1 level of Fatigue. The Icon only functions when carried by a character dedicated to Nurgle.

Undead Heart

Rotten to the core, those implanted with an Undead Heart become living masses of corruption. As they suffer injury, new afflictions sprout to form layers of scar-flesh, protecting the wearer from harm and healing almost any injury.

A Heretic implanted with such terrible sorcery gains the Regeneration (1d5) and The Stuff of Nightmares Traits. Implanting such a device requires a Hard (-30) Medicae Test and takes hours; if the character attempting the operation fails, reduce the would-be recipient's Toughness Characteristic by 1d5 as a result of the failed surgery. These arcane contraptions cannot be removed without destroying their hosts irrevocably.

Table 2-6: Wargear and Equipment
Icon of Seeping Decay7kgVery Rare
Undead Heart1.5kgUnique


There is no end to Nurgle's creativity when it comes to new ailments, and many of Nurgle's followers create their own versions of the Great Corruptor's putrid handiwork and grant them to anyone foolish enough to refuse Nurgle's benevolence. Heretics may load the Diseases listed below into a number of items featured in this section. Heretics acquire Diseases in batches of 5 doses.

A character is exposed to a Disease whenever he suffers Damage from a weapon imbued with that Disease or a specific effect of the disease triggers an exposure. Alternatively, characters can be exposed by inhaling, ingesting, or making direct contact with infected substances (at the GM's discretion). Typically, a character must make a Challenging (+0) Toughness Test when exposed to a Disease to avoid catching it.

Death's Grasp

Victims unfortunate to contract Death's Grasp live a pathetic life at the very edge of death. Sapped of all energy, any task they perform might be their last.

Effects: A character infected with this Disease cannot remove Levels of Fatigue. Whenever he gains a level of Fatigue, each other character within 1d10 metres is also exposed to the Disease (and must make the Test to resist it). If a character slips into Unconsciousness due to excessive levels of Fatigue while infected with this Disease, he perishes. Characters dedicated to Nurgle can carry this Disease, but can still remove levels of Fatigue as normal while infected.

Treatment: Curing Death's Grasp requires constant rest for at least a week, at the end of which the character may make a Routine (+20) Toughness Test; if he succeeds, he recovers, but if he fails, he remains infected and gains 1 level of Fatigue.


Enfeeble is a brutal malady that slowly corrodes the victim's bones into dust. Many of Nurgle's most dedicated devotees inject themselves with the virulent plague, seeing death as the ultimate expression of devotion.

Effects: A character infected by Enfeeble suffers 1d5 Agility Damage each time he takes a Full Action or two Half Actions during one of his Turns during Structured Time, or whenever he takes strenuous action during Narrative Time. Characters dedicated to Nurgle suffer the effects of this Disease as normal, though they rarely view it as "suffering", instead revelling in the wracking affliction.

Treatment: To be cured of Enfeeble, a character must remove all of the Agility Damage (see page 256 of the Black Crusade Core Rulebook) the disease has caused through rest or other means.

Festering Shroud

Festering Shroud is an insidious blight first encountered by voidship crews entering the Lower Vortex. Exceptionally contagious, those that contract the disease find their bodies converted into chimneys of pestilence, spreading a vile miasma wherever they go.

Effects: A character infected by Festering Shroud constantly emits an unnatural green fog that spreads around him in a 7-metre diameter cloud. At the end of each 24-hour period for which he has the disease, a character must make a Challenging (+0) Toughness Test; if he fails, his flesh putrefies, collapsing in on itself in a vile torrent. Roll 1d5 on a randomly determined Impact Critical Effect Table (see pages 252-253 of the Black Crusade Core Rulebook), adding +1 to the roll for every Degree of Failure he scored on the Test beyond the first and apply the result. Whenever another character enters the cloud, he must make a Routine (+20) Toughness Test or contract the Disease. Characters dedicated to Nurgle can carry this Disease but do not suffer the portions of any Critical Effect the Disease causes them that would cause them to suffer Blood Loss or die.

Treatment: Curing Festering Shroud requires constant rest for at least a week and a successful Challenging (+0) Medicae Check on the part of the character or a healer.

Nurgle's Breath

Sometimes seen as a boon, Nurgle's Breath is popular among many Plague Cults for its ability to propagate quickly. However, those who understand the infection know that death lurks around the corner each time the afflicted use this most contagious "gift".

Effects: A character infected by Nurgle's Breath gains a new attack with the following profile: (Pistol; 10m; S/-/-; Dam 2d10 E; Pen 2; Corrosive, Spray, Toxic [2]). This attack cannot Jam, but if the character ever rolls two results of 7 on the Damage dice, he immediately explodes in a disgusting shower of pus and slimy gore. Obviously, he dies, and each character within 3d10 metres suffers an immediate hit from the weapon. Any character who fails a Toughness Test to resist the Toxic Quality from Nurgle's Breath contracts the Disease. Characters dedicated to Nurgle suffer the effects of this Disease as normal, though they rarely view it as "suffering".

Treatment: Curing Nurgle's Rot requires constant rest for at least two weeks and a successful Hard (-20) Medicae Check on the part of the character or a healer.

Table 2-7: Diseases
Death's GraspVery Rare
Festering ShroudRare
Nurgle's BreathExtremely Rare