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Citadel Journal 12 (1995) — Nurgle War Altar

David Cain is the current Warhammer world champion and recently he travelled down from Scotland to the studio to play a brilliant battle against Gordon Davidson which appeared as a battle report in White Dwarf 190. David brought with him his converted Leman Russ, the Nurgle War Altar. Yes there is a Leman Russ underneath all those Nurglings!

As you can see the Nurgle War Altar looks absolutely brilliant, so we simply could not resist showing all you Journal readers what David spends his spare time doing and provide rules for this new Chaos toy at the same time. You can find rules for the Nurgle War Altar on page 10.

Armed with the deadly rot launcher and the vomit spray cannon and those trusty weapons of war the lascannon and the battle cannon, the Nurgle War Altar is ready to roll!

There are a multitude of miniature parts that have been used to make this stunning tank. Answers on a postcard if you can name them all; no not you David!