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Citadel Journal 21 (1997), p46-47 — Chaos Gifts Tables

1ObeseAs mutation
2Foul StenchAs mutation
3Stream of CorruptionWeapon:
STRENGTH: 5, DAMAGE: 1, SAVE MOD: -2, SPECIAL: One shot per game. Uses flamer template.
4Cloud of FliesAnyone shooting at a cultist with this gift suffers a -1 to hit.
5Mark of Chaos*The cultist may re-roll any one dice roll per game.
6Chaos ArmourARMOUR: Unmodified save of 5+ on a D6.

* If you roll the same gift for the same cultist, then his Chaos patron has had a bit of a joke and you must roll for a mutation for the cultist instead. The only exceptions to this rule are the gifts marked by an asterisk, as these gifts have cumulative effects and can be taken more than once.