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Citadel Journal 32 (1999), p50-51 — Smelly Touch Downs!

Nurgle teams do not have real Cheerleaders (for which we can thank the Gods!) but use Nurglings, tiny, bloated daemons that emanate a disgusting foul odour and several unpleasant diseases to boot! They gather in gibbering clumps in their team's end zone producing hideous odours in an attempt to keep opposition players from scoring. The coach may use them whenever an opposition player is about to score a Touchdown and may use this ability up to three times during the match before the Nurglings get bored and wander off to pollute a river or something!

To represent the Nurglings' effects roll 1D6 for each Nurgling in the team. If you roll at least one '6' the opposing player will stop one square away from the end zone, coughing and spluttering and he will refuse to continue moving until the next turn when he is more composed (he may Hand-off or Pass the ball to a team mate though).