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Codex: Chaos Daemons (2008), p12 — The Guardian of the Maze

Within the convoluted labyrinth of Tzeentch, it is said there is one true path to infinite knowledge that any creature, mortal or daemonic, can follow. This road leads through nine gates, each barred against entry. The gates appear as golden arches thrice the height of a man, wreathed with purple, blue and pink fire. At each gate stands the Guardian of the maze, little more than a giant gloating mouth in appearance. The nature of the Guardian is such that it stands watch over all nine gates at the same time.

When someone approaches one of the gates, the Guardian poses them a question, one of the Nine Hundred and Ninety-nine Riddles of Tzaratxoth. The Guardian itself has no ears and can never hear the reply, and so can never tell the secret to anyone, but the enchantment of the gates mean they will open on the correct reply. The riddles are said to be so taxing that only the greatest lateral and logical thinkers can discern their answer. The Guardian swallows whole those intruders that give an incorrect response!

Legends tell that only one challenger, clad in the guise of a young girl with a little black dog, managed to make her way through all of the gates. When Tzeentch questioned him about this failure, the Guardian accused her of cheating.