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Codex: Chaos Space Marines (1999), p13 — Daemon Packs

Daemons are the foot soldiers of the Chaos gods, desiring nothing other than to rip the opponents of their master apart in close combat. There are dozens of different types of Daemons, including Bloodletters, Daemonettes, Plague Bearers, Pink Horrors and others too numerous and ghastly to mention.

Daemon Packs

Pack: Daemon packs consist of between five and ten Daemons.

Special Rules

Summoned: Daemons are summoned onto the battlefield as described in the special rules at the start of the Chaos army list.

Invulnerable: Daemons are unnatural creatures who have been formed from the very stuff of Chaos itself and are therefore very difficult to destroy. They are treated as being invulnerable and may make an armour save against any and all wounds that are inflicted upon them, even those that would normally pierce their armour or that allow no save to be made.

Infighting: Each different type of Daemon is the creation of one of the Chaos gods so Daemons created by different Chaos powers can not be mixed together in the same pack. Also, each type of Daemon pack has an associated special rule, which is described below.