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Codex: Chaos Space Marines (1999), p11 — Plague Marines

Plague Marines are Space Marines who are sworn to the Chaos god of decay and pestilence - Nurgle. They have disgusting rotted bodies that stink of decay and their armour and weapons are pitted and corroded by putrid slime that oozes from their many sores, but they are still fearsome opponents. Their decaying brains are inured to the agony of their bodily corruption, making them all but immmune to any pain caused by battle wounds.

Plague Marines
Plague Marine20444514193+
Aspiring Champion+204445142103+

Squad: The squad consists of between five and ten Nurgle Plague Marines.

Weapons: Bolter or bolt pistol. All models have a Plague knife.

Options: Up to one Plague Marine may be armed with one of the following: meltagun at +10 pts, flamer at +3 pts, plasma pistol at +5 pts or plasma gun at +6 pts.

The entire squad may be equipped with blight grenades at +3 pts per model.

One of the Chaos Space Marines may be upgraded to an Aspiring Champion at an additional cost of +20 pts. The Aspiring Champion may be given any equipment allowed from the Chaos Armoury.

Rhino: The entire squad may be mounted in a Rhino armoured carrier at an additional cost of +50 pts.

Special Rules

Troop Choice: If the army is led by a Chaos Lord bearing the Mark of Nurgle then Plague Marines may be taken as Elites or Troop choices. In any other circumstances they may only be taken as an Elites choice.

Fearless: Plague Marines never fall back and cannot be pinned. They are assumed to automatically pass any Morale check.

Plague Knife & Blight Grenades: These items are described in the Chaos Wargear section of this Codex.