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Codex: Chaos Space Marines (1999), p14 — Nurglings

Nurglings are the creations of the Chaos god Nurgle. Accompanied by a babbling cacophony, hordes of Nurglings spill across the battlefield in a living tide of mayhem. Their vicious bites and clawing hands can pull down foes many times their size, sweeping away opposition by sher weight of numbers.


Swarm: The swarm consists of between three and ten Nurgling Bases.

Special Rules

Not Summoned: Note that, unlike any other type of Daemon, Nurglings are not summoned to the battlefield and instead deploy with the rest of the army as normal.

Invulnerable: Daemons are made from the very stuff of Chaos and are therefore very difficult to destroy. They are treated as being invulnerable and may make an armour save against all wounds they take, even those that would normally pierce their armour or that allow no save.