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Codex: Death Guard (2017), p12-13 — Legion Organisation

The Death Guard are amongst the most ordered and coherent of all the surviving Traitor Legions. Mortarion, ever a traditionalist, still bases their structure upon the vast Space Marine Legions that fought during the Heresy. Each plague company thus numbers thousands of warriors, utterly dwarfing their equivalent formations amongst the loyalist Space Marine Chapters of the 41st Millennium.

Legion Command

Mortarion, Daemon Primarch of Nurgle
Lords of the Legion
Daemon Princes and Death Guard Lords
Legion Command Retinue
Putrifiers, Blightbringers, Sorcerers, Tallymen and Plague Surgeons
Terminator honour guard formations

Legion Assets

For all its theoretical cohesion, in reality the Death Guard Legion is broken up across thousands of galactic war zones, often at the whims of Chaos Lords, champions and the like. These warbands vary hugely in size and composition, but all are known as vectoriums. Those that fight together for any length of time will be named by their leader, and will often adopt - or simply manifest - a unifying colour scheme. Most vectoriums are drawn from maladictums or colonies of the same plague company, but some can be more disparate still.

Plague Company Command

Lord Commander
Daemon Prince or Death Guard Lord
Plague Company Retinue
Blightspawn, Blightbringers, Sorcerers, Tallymen and Plague Surgeons
Plague Company Command Bodyguard
Plague Marines, Blightlord or Deathshroud Terminators

Plague Company Assets

The Lord Commander of each Plague Company is the sacred host of one of Nurgle's vilest diseases, and the sepsis cohorts that serve him are its most favoured vessels.

1st Plague Company

The 1st Plague Company is ruled over by Typhus, and its forces are often called the Harbingers. Its ranks are infested with hundreds of strains of the zombie plague, including Shamblerot, the Groaning and Biter's Pox.

2nd Plague Company

The 2nd Plague Company favours mechanised assaults, and boasts huge formations of lumbering battle tanks. Its warriors bear the Ferric Blight, which speckles their armour and vehicles with crawling rust that can swiftly infest the foe.

3rd Plague Company

Known as Mortarion's Anvil, the warriors of the 3rd Plague Company excel at digging in and letting their foes dash themselves apart against their defences. They carry the Gloaming Bloat, a plague of fever sweats that slicks their armour and causes them to speak in wet gurgles.

4th Plague Company

The 4th Plague Company is ruled over by the gestalt Daemon known as the Eater of Lives. Its Legionaries carry the Eater Plague, also called drizzleflesh, pockchewer and the endless gift, and its inhuman master favours Sorcerers and summonation.

5th Plague Company

Known to many as the Poxmongers, the 5th Plague Company makes great use of diseased Daemon Engines. Its forces carry the Sanguous Flux, which causes endless, half-clotted bleeding and leaves foul red-black trails behind them wherever they go.

6th Plague Company

Called the Ferrymen or the Brethren of the Fly, the 6th Plague Company garrisons the Plague Fleets, and acquires new ships for their armadas. It boasts large numbers of Blightlord Terminators riddled with the parasite known as the Droning.

7th Plague Company

Those of the 7th Plague Company have the honour of being Mortarion's Chosen Sons. They are plague brewers and dark alchemists, and are blessed by Nurgle with the Crawling Pustulance, also known as boilblight, lumpen splatter or Nurgle's fruit.

Sepsis Cohort Command

Cohort Commander
Daemon Prince or Death Guard Lord
Sepsis Cohort Retinue
Champions of Nurgle
Sepsis Cohort Command Bodyguard
Plague Marines, Blightlord or Deathshroud Terminators

Sepsis Cohort Assets

Sepsis cohorts number around seven hundred Plague Marines, supported by infected auxiliaries, armour formations and Daemon Engine packs. Each sepsis cohort is divided into two maladictums, both a formidable fighting force in its own right.

Maladictum Command

Maladictum Commander
Death Guard Lord
Maladictum Retinue
Champions of Nurgle
Maladictum Command Bodyguard
Plague Marines, Blightlord or Deathshroud Terminators

Maladictum Assets

Typical warbands include Plague Colonies of Plague Marines, Destroyer Colonies of troops equipped with alchemical weapons, and Reaper Colonies of squads mounted in transport vehicles.

Colony Command

Colony Captain
Death Guard Lord
Colony Retinue
Champions of Nurgle
1st Squad
2nd Squad
3rd Squad
4th Squad
5th Squad
6th Squad
7th Squad

Colony Assets

Colonies number seven squads of Traitor Legionaries led by a powerful Lord and accompanied by lesser champions of Nurgle, armoured vehicles, attendant Daemons and Daemon Engines. The 1st Colony of each Maladictum often consists solely of Blightlord Terminators.