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Forgotten Gods (2014), p18 — Optional Encounter: The King of Blades

The Red Walk's war with the cultists has continued even after Ferrue Fayne's death. Though Crimson knows that the cult involves itself in dark matters that even he would never touch, for the most part he views it not unlike any other rival gang. He does not stand for their presence on his turf, and he strikes at their operations where possible. How the Callers of Sorrow view him, Crimson cannot say. Whether he realises it or not, it is very possible that even now the Callers are gathering their dark arts to strike back in full force against the Red Walk for its actions against the Blessed Flesh. Crimson and his gangers are masters at inflicting pain with a blade, and even the hardy cultists captured earlier are not beyond their skill. Under torture that could shock even a hardened Inquisitorial interrogator, cultists have revealed to Vornas that individuals who they believe to be smugglers have been striking at the cult's stockpiles of xenos artefacts and taking them off-world for purposes unknown. Vornas might mention that the information seems a bit too convenient, almost as if someone wanted it to be known, for the captured cultists yielded these stories disappointingly quickly.