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Forgotten Gods (2014), p15 — See No Evil

The Acolytes might wish to seek out witnesses to the fight or its aftermath, and this is certainly a legitimate approach. No witnesses have come forward in the aftermath of the event, so it is up to the Acolytes to find them. The inhabitants of the Gallowsway and surrounding environs know better than to intrude into matters that are not their concern, and this philosophy extends to crimes, including violence and murder. Most denizens of the region are aware of the numerous gangs that from time to time pass through their shanty-like hovels. Knowledge of cults, such as those within the Callers of Sorrow, is less widespread. Imperial citizens are taught from birth to refrain from asking questions, and so tend to look at their feet and simply ignore the mysterious goings-on around them. They are also taught to report signs of unorthodox behaviour and heresy, but such desires often take second place to that of survival. Ultimately, what this means is that very few inhabitants of the Gallowsway are likely to even know of the cult's existence, unless they are directly involved in the Callers of Sorrow themselves. They might have heard rumours and whispers, which they most likely try to place out of mind, lest such knowledge lead to their own downfall.