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Imperial Armour 13: War Machines of the Lost and the Damned (2014), p44 — Chaos Land Raider

Land Raider of the Death Guard

Land Raider captured by the Death Guard Traitor Legion from a Howling Griffons Chapter strike force at the Assault on Black Beacon. Depicted here as it appeared at the Siege of Vraks in 822.M41, displaying early stage corruption by the influence of that Daemon-tainted world.

Land Raider of The Lords of Decay

Land Raider with additional spaced armour, Death Guard Traitor Legion sub-faction 'the Lords of Decay'. This vehicle bears an Ordo Malleus Infernus Perdita codification dated 811.M41 due to its having fought under the command of Mortarion, the Daemon-Primarch of the Death Guard himself.