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Imperial Armour 13: War Machines of the Lost and the Damned (2014), p165 — Plague Zombie Horde — 30 Points

(May only be selected through use of the Master of Renegades special rule)

As the Warp Plague spreads across areas of the Imperium subjected to attack by Typhus and the Death Guard of Nurgle, many worlds are falling to hordes of war-spawned undead. For the inhabitants of these worlds there are only two choices left, death or abasement to the putrescent power that is Father Nurgle.

Plague Zombie2233121--

Unit Composition

Unit Type


Special Rules


Warp Plague

Every bite and scratch inflicted by Plague Zombies carries the Warp Plague, and can quickly infect and overcome even the most resilient warrior, ravaging his body and remaking him as one of the living dead.

If a unit of Plague Zombies defeats a unit in close combat, either destroying it outright or forcing it to flee, it may add D3 new Plague Zombies to the unit adter it has consolidated - this may bring the unit above its starting unit Strength. If no appropriate models are available to be placed on the table, then no additional Plague Zombies are added to the unit.