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Imperial Armour 13: War Machines of the Lost and the Damned (2014), p12 — The Hell-Forges of the Dark Mechanicus

Being an account pursuant of known Domains of those fallen scions of the Cult Mechanicus and their manifold Heresies, Blasphemies and Crimes against our Most Beneficient Lord and Master, the God-Emperor of Mankind.

Compiled and committed by the hand of Inquisitor Verity Wroth, for the attention and consideration of the assembled Lords of the Conclave of Kratos.



The name of this ancient fief of the Mechanicus of old was thought long consigned to history. Yet, in the manner of so many things claimed by the stain of the Warp, it resurges periodically to instil doubt and fear in the souls of the faithful. Having lain dormant for the better part of eight centuries, the name has appeared once more in at least a dozen confirmed remote prognostications, several readings of the Emperor's Tarot and at least one recorded communion with a ritually summoned and bound ætheric entity. The world was once a subject of the Traitor Collegia Titanicus 'Legio Mortis', and so it is our greatest concern that its foundries, if still they function, may be supplying arms and ammunition to this arch-traitor body.