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Imperial Armour 13: War Machines of the Lost and the Damned (2014), p139 — Chaos Titans

In appearance, a Daemon Titan might be taken for a gargantuan manifestation of a Greater Daemon of the same patron Ruinous Power and indeed, Ordo Malleus savants have debated the difference to, and sometimes beyond, the point of sanity in a vain effort to quantify the unfathomable permutations of Chaos. Those dedicated to Khorne are beasts of burning brass and steaming blood, their heads wrought into snarling beast faces. The Daemon Titans of Nurgle are lumbering masses of decay and corruption, metal tarnished and surrounded by a black storm cloud of plague flies so thick they foul enemy guns and vehicles, and force themselves down the throats of enemy troops. Daemon Titans dedicated to Tzeentch are clad in impossible colours and reality itself is bent out of kilter by the sorcerous power radiating from their form. Those dedicated to Slaanesh are lithe and incongruously fast, their forms surmounted by wicked blades and surrounded by a haze of psychoactive mist. These and a thousand other blasphemous manifestations of the infernal are a relentless curse upon the Imperium of Man, a curse that only intensifies as the 41st Millennium draws to a bloody conclusion.