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Titan Legions (1994), p9 — Legio Ignatum (Fire Wasps)

After the siege of the Emperor's palace was broken the Legio Ignatum went on to fight in most of the major campaigns to cleanse worlds of the taint of heretics. The Legion fought in the mighty conflicts on Paramar V and in the Tallarn system as it strove to drive the Traitor Titan Legions back.

In these long and bloody campaigns the Princeps of the Fire Wasps came to know and hate with an abiding passion the Legio Mortis, old rivals which had now turned to dark heresy and foul worship of the gods of Chaos. It was the Legio Mortis who breached the walls of the Emperor's palace, it was the Deaths Heads Scouts who terrorised and systematically destroyed the populations of a dozen hives on Paramar and Tallarn. The flames of hatred still burn hot and bright in the hearts of the Legio Ignatum - one day a reckoning will be made.