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Warhammer Armies: Beasts of Chaos (2003), p15

This is the tale Gorsqualor inscribed upon my monolith, chiselled upon the Sulphurous Stone with the eye-tooth of the dragon Gorgand whom I slew. They abandoned me in the forest, I was a child marked by Nurgle, a beast they said and beast I was. My own kind found me and protected me, I learned the ways of Nurgle.

I set forth to do the Plague Lord's work, I was home for Nurgle's mites. My little friends went with me everywhere. I slew many and bestowed the rot on many more. Then I found Nurgle's gift beneath a stone - a Daemon blade of unsurpassed rust, Its tarnish was wonderful to behold and it slew well for Nurgle.

Many were my furred and horned companions, I was their lord upon the borderlands. We were the wasters of villages, the pestilence followed in our wake. My horns grew long in the service of Nurgle. Then the Plague Lord blessed me and my body burned like living sulphur. I fumed and all feared me.

My strength waxed great. To the wastes I went, I slew many weakling creatures there. Nurgle sent me a mighty mollusc to follow and seven hounds of Chaos to bark before me. The wastes were littered with corpses on our account. Great Nurgle rewarded me with aspect of maggot, and creatures flocked to do my bidding.

We spread decay and raised the stench high. I fell for Nurgle's honour. The foe slew me, but failed to end me because now my bones, gnawed clean by my brethren, lie in the black pit beneath. I dwell in Nurgle's grave realm, and sweet decay is my rest.