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White Dwarf 124 (Apr 1990), p44 — 'Eavy Metal

Lothar Bubonicus, Champion of Nurgle

The warband of Lothar Bubonicus is greatly advanced from its starting form and Lothar himself is on the verge of becoming a Daemon Prince. Lothar's armour was given several thin washes of Green and Yellow Ink over the bare metal of the model. This gives a great rotting metallic finish. The ink should not be allowed to form into any deep pools in the model's recesses - any surplus ink can easily be removed using a dry brush, achieving a consistent finish.

Adding Rotten Flesh to Bronzed Flesh and Bestial Brown gives a very effective base colour for an unhealthy skin pallor. This can be seen very well on the Chaos Dwarfs. The highlights were achieved by adding more Bronzed Flesh and Skull White to the mix.

The model for Grod the Chaos Warrior was heavily converted to fit his Chaos attributes of Overgrown Arm, Mane of Hair and Horns. The arm was taken off a Great Unclean One (a Greater Daemon of Nurgle) and was pinned into position then finished off with modelling putty to hide the joint. The Chaos Steed has also been converted to give a more Nurglesque feel. The scale armour on the horse was painted in normal metallics - Chaos Black with Chainmail and Mithril Silver highlights - then given several thin washes of Brown Ink to give a dull rusty finish.

Armour dues not always have to be painted in metallics. The Warrior Grod was given a base coat of Woodland Green and Chaos Black and highlighted with Woodland Green and Bilious Green. A thin glaze of Green and Yellow Inks helps to smooth off the finish.

Lothar's standard - a stylised vomiting fly's head representing pestilence and decay - is carried by a Chaos Dwarf. The standard was first drawn out on paper, then painted using dull, rotting colours. It was then carefully cut out using a sharp modelling knife and attached to the pole. The heads and skulls were added as an appropriately gruesome finishing touch.