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White Dwarf 124 (Apr 1990), p69 — The Beastmen of Nurgle

The Pestigor

The Beastmen of Nurgle have blistered and broken skins, often red with cracked flesh and sores which have been given to them by a generous master. Their fur is matted and coarse, and their bodies are riddled with all kinds of disease. Yet they retain the morbid vigour that characterises their master so their afflictions in no way mar their battle-worthiness.

The sign of Nurgle is carved into their armour, daubed upon their clothes, and sometimes etched on their skin by the path of disfiguring disease.

A Beastman of Nurgle has a 50% chance of carrying Nurgle's Rot, although thanks to his loyalty to Nurgle the disease will not affect him. Nurgle's Rot can be transmitted to opponents in hand-to-hand combat (see Magic of Nurgle).

A Beastman Shaman of Nurgle always has the spells of Nurgle appropriate to his level. Remaining spells are generated randomly as normal. For example, a Feralflux with a magic level of 2 has the level 1 and 2 Nurgle spells Stench of Nurgle and Miasma of Pestilence.

Beastmen of Nurgle hate all enemies who are mortal followers of Tzeentch including Beastmen who follow that Patron.