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Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay (1st ed, 1986), p65 — Race and Alignment

Alignment NPCs' basic outlook on life, as reflected by their alignment, will also affect how they relate to a character. If the character's alignment is obvious (for instance, because the NPCs can see a symbol of a deity whose alignment they know), the test should not be modified. If not, there will be no alignment modifier on the test, although another test may be made if alignments become obvious later on.

For the purposes of these tests, it is most convenient to consider the five alignments as a straight line, running as follows:

Chaos - Evil - Neutral - Good - Law

You should apply a -10% modifier for each level of difference. For example, Good is 1 alignment away from Neutral - so if a Good character must make a Gossip test with a Neutral character, it will be modified by -10%. Evil and Law are 3 alignments away from each other, and a -30% modifier would be imposed for Fellowship-based tests between characters of these alignments.