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Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay (1st ed, 1986), p318 — Beasts of Nurgle

These monstrous creatures are approximately 5 feet tall, conical and without legs. Their lower bodies are covered with suckers and ooze a sickly, foul smelling goo. They propel themselves along a three-feet wide trail of self-generated slime. A bundle of immensely powerful, ghastly white suckers is used to attack their victims.

They attack with D6 suckers per round of combat; armour isnot taken into account when determining damage. As well as normal damage, each sucker injects a paralysing poison. On each successful hit, the victim must make a Poison test or be paralysed. The beast, having paralysed a victim, will do nothing during the following round while it wraps the catch securely with its lasso-like tail. When a quiet hour or two is available the Beast will secrete digestive acids and gradually dissolve the helpless captive. Only the first opponent is ensnared, the rest will be paralysed but not carried off.

Anyone who chooses to cross the Beast's trail of noxious slime without making a Leap across it, has a 5% chance of slipping and receiving 1 Wound from the powerful acids and a 5% chance of infection with the Rot. The gamesmaster should keep track of where the Beast has moved, and where the trail is left.

Beasts of Nurgle