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Citadel Journal 22 (1997), p25 — Unexpected Events

51-52 Lepers

The street clears of people as if by magic, as the sound of a cracked bell and the shout "Unclean, unclean!" echoes through the town.

There are 1d6+2 lepers, placed as usual using the rule of one on one. Each leper has the following profile:

Weapon Skill2
Ballistic Skill-
Damage1d6 +strength

Enemy's WS12345678910
To Hit Foe3444556666

The lepers are clamouring for money, and will follow the Warriors around. The Warriors have a choice - they can either give the lepers money to make them go away, or they can kill them. If the Warriors want to pay the lepers to go away, then for each leper, roll one die for every 50 gold offered. If a 6 is rolled on any of them, the leper gratefully accepts and limps off into the shadows; remove him from the board. If not, he takes the gold offered and hangs around anyway. The Warriors can try once per turn per leper they are standing adjacent to.

If they kill the lepers, then each Warrior loses 1 luck point permanently and will be at -1 on any dice rolls in the temple from now on, permanently. Killing poor unfortunates is not a very honourable thing to do, after all.

At the end of every turn, roll a die for every leper your Warrior is adjacent to. On a score of a 1, your Warrior has been infected. The disease is a slow, crawling plague, and there are no immediate effects. However, mark on your Warrior's sheet that he has the disease. At the start of every adventure from now on, one of your Warrior's characteristics is affected, just for the duration of that adventure. Roll on the table below to see which characteristic is affected, and to what extent.

  1. The Warrior's Movement is reduced by 1
  2. The Warrior's To hit rolls are at -1
  3. The Warrior's Strength is reduced by 1
  4. The Warrior's Toughness is reduced by 1
  5. The Warrior's Attacks are reduced by 1
  6. None; you are fine for now.

If the Warriors manage to put a complete board section between themselves and the lepers, then the lepers disappear down a side alley - remove them from play.