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Sources of Information

Much has been written on Nurgle and his followers in a wide variety of books and magazines. Here are some text extracts for use as a reference source.

FantasyWFRP1986-11Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay (1st ed)Chaos Gods, Mabrothrax, Beasts of Nurgle, Nurgle's Rot, Plague Bearer
BothMixed1988-10Realm of Chaos: Slaves to DarknessChaos, the Horus Heresy, the Black Legion
BothMixed1988-10White Dwarf 106 (Oct 1988)Beastmen of Nurgle
Bothn/a1988-12White Dwarf 108 (Dec 1988)Artwork
Sci-fiEpic1988-12Adeptus TitanicusLegio Mortis
BothMixed1989-01White Dwarf 109 (Jan 1989)Great Unclean Ones
FantasyMixed1989-05White Dwarf 113 (May 1989)Chaos Powers and the Colours of Magic
BothMixed1989-06White Dwarf 114 (Jun 1989)Bilerot Vomitflesh (Blood Bowl), Palanquins of Nurgle
Sci-fiEpic1989-10Space MarineHorus Heresy, Garro, Legio Mortis, Death Guard
BothMixed1989-11White Dwarf 119 (Nov 1989)Nurgle, Great Unclean Ones, Plaguebearers, Nurglings, Beasts
Sci-fiEpic1989-12Codex TitanicusLegio Mortis
BothMixed1990-01White Dwarf 121 (Jan 1990)Gifts, Spells, Nurgle's Rot, Palanquin, Staff, Death Head, Hemler Rottingflesh (Advanced Heroquest)
BothMixed1990-02White Dwarf 122 (Feb 1990)Symbols of Nurgle
BothMixed1990-04White Dwarf 124 (Apr 1990)Lothar Bubonicus, Pestigor
FantasyMixed1990-05White Dwarf 125 (May 1990)Plague Daemon (Warhammer Novel), 'Eavy Metal
BothMixed1990-11Realm of Chaos: The Lost and the DamnedNurgle, Great Unclean Ones, Plaguebearers, Nurglings, Beasts, Spells, Nurgle's Rot, Palanquin, Staff, Death Head, Gifts, Monoliths, the Dark Tongue, Lothar Bubonicus, Pestigor, Primarchs, Army Lists, Mortarion
Sci-fiEpic1990-12White Dwarf 132 (Dec 1990)Great Unclean Ones, Plaguebearers, Beasts, Nurglings
Sci-fiEpic1992-04RenegadesNurgle, Great Unclean Ones, Mortarion, Plaguebearers, Beasts
Sci-fiWH40k1993-10Warhammer 40,000 (1993)Great Unclean Ones, Nurglings, Plaguebearers, Beasts, Chaos Champions
Sci-fiEpic1994-10Titan LegionsLegio Mortis
Sci-fiWH40k1996-07Codex: Chaos (1996)Horus Heresy, Death Guard, Nurgle, Great Unclean Ones, Nurglings, Plaguebearers, Beasts, Equipment, Foulspawn
Sci-fiEpic1997-04Epic 40,000Contagion, Plague Tower
Sci-fiWH40k1999-02Codex: Chaos Space Marines (1999)Great Unclean Ones, Plague Marines, Plaguebearers, Nurglings, Gifts, Stream of Corruption, Death Guard
Sci-fiWH40k2001-07Chapter Approved 2001Colathrax, Nurgling infestations
Sci-fiWH40k2002-01White Dwarf 265 (Jan 2002)The Death Guard, Captain Garro
Sci-fiWH40k2002-10Codex: Chaos Space Marines (2002)Horus Heresy, Great Unclean Ones, Obliterators, Plague Marines, Plaguebearers, Nurglings, Nurgle, Gifts, Powers, Death Guard, Typhus
Sci-fiWH40k2003-??Codex: Eye of Terror13th Black Crusade, Plague Zombies
Sci-fiWH40k2003-??Chapter Approved 2004Sons of Antaeus
FantasyMordheim2004-01The Empire in FlamesThe Carnival of Chaos
Sci-fiWH40k2007-03Imperial Armour 5: The Siege of Vraks 1Mamon
Sci-fiRPG: DH2007-09Shattered HopePlaguebearer
Sci-fiWH40k2007-10Imperial Armour: Apocalypse (2007)Scabeiathrax
Sci-fiRPG: DH2008-01Dark Heresy (1st ed)Nurgle, Plaguebearers
Sci-fiWH40k2008-05Codex: Chaos Daemons (2008)Nurgle, Great Unclean Ones, Plaguebearers, Beasts, Nurglings, Ku'gath, Epidemius, Isha
Sci-fiWH40k2008-07Imperial Armour 6: The Siege of Vraks 2Chaos forces
Sci-fiRPG: DH2008-12Disciples of the Dark GodsThe Vile Savants, Plague Zombies
Sci-fiRPG: DH2009-02Creatures AnathemaNurglings
Sci-fiWH40k2009-04Imperial Armour 7: The Siege of Vraks 3Chaos forces, Necrosius, Blight Drones, Jibberjaw, Scabeiathrax, Mamon, Plague Marines
Sci-fiRPG: RT2009-10Rogue TraderNurgle
Sci-fiRPG: RT2011-03Battlefleet KoronusPestilaan Light Cruiser
Sci-fiRPG: DW2011-05Mark of the XenosGreat Unclean Ones, Plaguebearers, Plague Marines, Plague Marine Weapons, Nurgle's Rot
Sci-fiRPG: DH2011-06Daemon HunterThe Purging of Camp 109, Daemons, Daemonic Phenomena, Nurgle, Gifts, Nurglings, Beasts of Nurgle, Plaguesword
Sci-fiRPG: RT2011-08Citadel of SkullsNurglings
Sci-fiRPG: DW2011-09The Achilus AssaultVenkrous, Daemon Prince Mephidast
Sci-fiRPG: BC2011-09Black CrusadeNurgle, Death Guard, Death Priests, Weapons, Psychic Powers, the Writhing World, Mire, Vorxec Calvarius, Plaguebearers, Great Unclean Ones
Sci-fiRPG: BC2011-09The Game Master's KitPyurultide
Sci-fiRPG: DW2011-11First FoundingDeath Guard, Blight-master Ussax
Sci-fiRPG: BC2012-01Hand of CorruptionPlaguebearer Skarathaoritx
Sci-fiRPG: DW2012-02The Jericho ReachPlague Cauldrons of the Stigmartus
Sci-fiRPG: DW2012-05Rising TempestPlaguebearers, Nurglings, Ghulroth the Slaverer
Sci-fiRPG: RT2012-07The Koronus BestiaryBeasts
Sci-fiWH40k2012-07Imperial Armour: AeronauticaBlight Drones
Sci-fiRPG: BC2012-08The Tome of FateTzeentch vs Nurgle, Psychic Powers, Personal Goals
Sci-fiRPG: RT2012-11The Navis PrimerThe Carrier, Daemon Techniques, Plaguebearers
Sci-fiRPG: BC2012-12The Tome of BloodPersonal Goals
Sci-fiRPG: RT2013-01Stars of InequityPlague Toads
Sci-fiWH40k2013-03Codex: Chaos Daemons (2013)Nurgle, Great Unclean Ones, Plaguebearers, Beasts, Plague Drones, Nurglings, Ku'gath, Epidemius, Weapons, Attributes, Banner, Psychic Powers
Sci-fiRPG: BC2013-05The Tome of ExcessSacred Numbers, Glorifying Acts, Personal Goals
Sci-fiRPG: OW2013-06Enemies of the ImperiumSisk (Malaghent), Mark of Nurgle
Sci-fiWH40k2013-12Stronghold AssaultThe Fellguard Incident
Sci-fiWH40k2014-03Codex: Imperial Knights (2014)Legio Mortis, Great Unclean One
Sci-fiRPG: BC2014-07The Tome of DecayNurgle, Great Unclean Ones, Daemon Princes, Plaguebearers, Heralds, Beasts, Plague Drones, Nurglings, Plague Marines, Mutants, Cults, Death Guard, Writhing World Sorcerer-Kings, Death Priests of Mire, Plaguemeisters, Equipment, Daemonic Engine Traits, Gifts, Crusades, Pyurultide, Pox Tribes, Plague Ogryns, Blight Drones, the Entomancer, Guelph, Plague Towers, the Writhing World, Huskmen, Hindrance, Mire, Priornites, Lutomorbus, Abcellyoth, the Thanator, Foulspawn, Personal Goals
Sci-fiRPG: DH2014-08Dark Heresy (2nd ed)Nurgle, Callers of Sorrow, Nurgle's Rot, Achkovas Spengh, Plaguebearers, Nurglings, Putricifex, Chaos Furies
Sci-fiRPG: DH2014-08Game Master's Kit (2nd ed)Ferrue Fayne, Blessed Flesh, Tormus Fayne, Callers of Sorrow, Nurgle's Rot, Aynthrexes, the Inevitable Order
Sci-fiWH40k2014-10Imperial Armour 13: War Machines of the Lost and the DamnedChaos vehicles, Blight Drones, Plague Hulk, Plague Zombies, Mamon, Scabeiathrax
Sci-fiRPG: DH2014-11Forgotten GodsCallers of Sorrow, Mournful Song, Tormus Fayne
Sci-fiRPG: DH2015-04Enemies WithinEmergent Hand
Sci-fiWH40k2015-05Codex: Imperial Knights (2015)Great Unclean One, Legio Mortis
Sci-fiRPG: DH2016-01Enemies BeyondCursed Carillon, Weapon Attributes, Daemonic Pacts, Tuchulcha, Beasts, Plague Drones, Heralds, Great Unclean Ones, Nurgle Daemons
Sci-fiWH40k2016-05Codex: Chaos Daemons (2016)Tallyband, Rotswarm, Warlord Traits, Hellforged Artefacts, Psychic Powers, Tactical Objective

Secondary Sources