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Codex Adeptus Astartes: Grey Knights (2017)

p24 — M40-M41 Age of Anathema

The Battle of Kornovin

Supreme Grand Master Geronitan is slain at the hands of the Daemon Primarch Mortarion. Grand Master Kaldor Draigo is elevated to the rank of Supreme Grand Master amidst the din of the battlefield and vows vengeance on Mortarion. Alone and unaided, Draigo smashes his way through Mortarion's corrupted Deathshroud bodyguard and strikes the Primarch to the ground with a blow empowered by his fury at Geronitan's death. He then carves Supreme Grand Master Geronitan's name on the Daemon's vile heart. Though Mortarion ultimately escapes, it is many long years before he can enter the mortal realm once more.

The Plague of Madness

Supreme Grand Master Kaldor Draigo leads three full Grey Knights brotherhoods against Ix'thar'ganix, the Slayer of Destinies, and his unwitting Nurgle pawn, Lurgon, on the doomed world of Decimalus.

p25 — M41 Age of Maledictum

Plagues of Ultramar

The Exactors send Strike Force Cautery to Ultramar to aid the Ultramarines and the Ordo Sepulturum in the fight against the Death Guard, who are spreading daemonic plagues across the region. With knowledge of the Heretic Astartes' viral proclivities gleaned from the tomes in the Sanctum Sanctorum, the Grey Knights are able to cripple two vectoriums of the Death Guard's 4th Company and eradicate the Consumptiphagus strain of the Eater Plague.

The Putrid Springs

The 2nd Company of the Scythes of the Emperor, newly reinforced with Primaris battle-brothers, finds itself under siege upon the hive world of Hamagora, assailed by an endless swarm of Nurgle Daemons. Intercessor Squads establish a punishing series of kill-zones amongst the ruins of hive city Agrippa, yet for every Daemon they slay, two more emerge from the dank tunnels of the undercity, and their casualties begin to mount. Operating in total secrecy, Strike Force Harbinger of the 5th Brotherhood teleports into the sub-city. Their quarry is the Great Unclean One Gul'gulm'ga'tol, who has turned Agrippa's sprawling sewage works into his personal baths - hordes of putrid Daemons crawl endlessly forth from the morass of rancid gruel. After a bloody battle, the strike team sends Gul'gulm'ga'tol screaming into the warp. Hamagora is saved, though the Scythes never discover how.


Draigo and Mortarion

With the Great Rift yawning open and pouring all manner of Chaos monstrosities into realspace, Lord Kaldor Draigo, Supreme Grand Master of the Grey Knights, finds he is able to escape his imprisonment in the warp more frequently and for greater lengths of time. Draigo materialises to aid his battle-brothers in multiple war zones across the Imperium, often turning grim defeat into a decisive victory for the Chapter. Though he quickly fades after each encounter, he imparts to the Grey Knights with whom he fights visions of things to come that he has witnessed within the immaterium. Many of the Prognosticars, seeing the strands of ancient hatred that bind the two together, believe that Draigo's presence is inextricably linked to that of the Daemon Primarch Mortarion.

p26-27 — Lord Kaldor Draigo

So it was that Kaldor Draigo, Lord of the Grey Knights, came once again to Acralem. He spoke few words, yet his grim purpose was plain to behold as he trod old battlefields reawakened to fresh slaughter. At the siege of Castle Gorseth it was Draigo who unleashed the psyflame that swept the Daemons away, and he who struck down the plague-rotten abomination that commanded the assault.


He became Supreme Grand Master in late M41, following the slaughter of the previous Chapter Lord at the hands of the Daemon Primarch Mortarion, and in the same battle he carved his forebear's name upon Mortarion's rotting heart - an insult that the Daemon has never forgotten.


For an uncounted age Draigo wandered that terrible, ever-shifting landscape. His path was strewn by Daemons who sought to slay him or seduce him to darkness, yet through bitter struggle Draigo overcame each of them. [...] He unleashed sanctified flame again amongst the writhing jungles of Nurgle's domain, and for a long time the gusting warp-winds that buffeted him carried a charcoal stench and the tortured screaming of daemonic vegetation.


Chief amongst his quarries is his enemy of old - the Daemon Primarch Mortarion, the murderer of his predecessor.

p37 — Narthecium

The narthecium is the med-pack used to deliver emergency ministrations and life-saving chem-injections to fallen Grey Knights, and is the most important tool of an Apothecary. It includes arrays of scanning occulums and augularium fonts to diagnose the extent of any injury. Though all Space Marine Apothecaries utilise a narthecium, those employed by the Grey Knights have been tailored to the Chapter's specific needs and are amongst the finest and most elaborate in the Imperium - they must be in order to counter the effects of the horrendous and insidious weapons used against them. If a battle-brother is cut by the wretched blade of a Nurglesque plaguesword, an Apothecary can locate and purge the daemonic infections that quickly begin coursing through flesh and bodily fluids.


The stench permeating the frigate was thickest just outside the bridge. As the blast door groaned open a mountain of writhing filth heaved forward. Feydor Ankhalas, Brotherhood Champion of the Silver Blades, sidestepped the Daemon Prince Offalrott and arced his blade to deflect the swipe of a colossal claw. Ankhalas and his fellow Grey Knights had battled waves of putrid Daemons to reach the Nurglesque monster. Now only he remained, having ordered his battle-brothers off the vessel before it was sucked into the warp-tear. Offalrott stabbed out with his other taloned hand, but again Ankhalas parried before plunging his sword into the sagging flank of the beast. A torrent of curdled pus and viscera spewed forth from the puncture, followed by the scrabbling claws of parasitic Nurglings emerging from their host. Offalrott let out a thunderous chortle, stuffing the Nurglings back into his guts even as the rent in his side reknit. But before the wound sealed Ankhalas focused his mind to release a concentrated blast of furious energy. The psychic explosion erupted deep within Offalrott's belly, splitting his abdomen and sending bone and organ parts flying. The Daemon's laughing face twisted with blinding pain and rage. He tried to grab the Grey Knight with his claws and prehensile tongue, but Ankhalas was too fast. With a slash, a follow-up strike and a finishing blow, the Brotherhood Champion shredded the last of Offalrott's essence. Before the remains hit the floor, Ankhalas was running for the airlock. As the Brotherhood Champion abandoned the crippled frigate, the ship buckled and writhed as the warp claimed it.

Grey Knights versus Nurgle Daemons

Amidst the despoiled ruins of an Imperial world overrun by the suppurating Garden of Nurgle, the Grey Knights stand firm around a defiled statue of an Imperial saint. Purifiers and Interceptors steady the line, unleashing lethal firepower before hurling themselves into the droning masses of Nurgle Daemons with blades swinging.


Darkness shrouded the sepulchre, only the wavering light from a handful of sacred candles piercing the gloom. The vaulted ceiling was invisible beyond the candles' glow, the flickering light reflecting from the armour of the Grey Knights who carried them. Six warriors, led by a scarred Brother-Captain in heavily ornamented Terminator armour, made their way through the crypt. On their shoulders, they carried a bier, upon which lay the body of a fallen comrade, his armour removed and flesh purified with cleansing unguents.

The Brother-Captain was named Ceasarian, and carried a Nemesis halberd before him, his voice echoing through the dead air of the tomb as he continued his recital.

'...And on the fields of Charnis did Brother-Captain Ignatius banish a Daemon Prince of the Plague Lord, whose blasphemous name I will not utter, casting him back to the warp for a thousand years and a day.'