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Citadel Journal 27

This issue includes a fan-written Warhammer Fantasy Battle campaign by Derek Gillespie featuring the return of the Nurgle hero Plaguestrangler Vilestench.

p4-5 — Skies of Blood: A Warhammer Campaign

Scenario 1 - The Storm Breaks

In this scenario the Chaos invaders have just made a landing on the north coast of Ulthuan. The first encounter that they have is with the hardy residents of a nearby High Elf coastal settlement. Quickly the Elves sound the alarm and prepare for battle but the forces of darkness are almost upon them...

Set-Up/Deployment and Objectives

Set up the board as shown on the map (over) and set up your forces in their respective deployment zones. The High Elves set up first and move second to represent the surprise attack of the Chaos forces. This battle lasts for five turns. The Chaos player aims to take the village by getting a unit with less than 50% casualties into it at the end of the game. If this is achieved he gains +5vp's. The High Elf player aims to stop this happening. If he does, he gains +5vp's of his own.

Chaos Invaders

Select an army of up to 2000pts from the following lists:

a) Characters
The Chaos Army must be led by Plaguestrangler Vilestench, the Hero of Nurgle. He counts as the General of the army and has special rules as described earlier. You may select one Chaos Hero if you wish, but all other characters must be Champions allied to Nurgle. You may have one Champion per unit. You may also select a Sorcerer of up to 2nd level, who may be Nurgle.

Plaguestrangler Vilestench, Hero of Nurgle — 230pts

+20pts Plague Banner

Plaguestrangler has been sent on this mission as a representative of Nurgle, accompanied by his warband of Daemons and Chaos Warriors. However, while the nature of the alliance is meant to be co-operative, Plaguestrangler knows that he must attempt to win glory for his master, at the expense of Slaanesh, whatever the cost! To protect himself from assassination, Plaguestrangler is always accompanied by a Daemonic bodyguard of Plaguebearers, and always carries the mystical Plague Banner, a potent relic of disease and death.


Weapons/Armour: Plaguestrangler is armed with a Sword and Shield, and wears Heavy Armour.

Magic Items/Chaos Rewards: Plaguestrangler always carries the Plague Banner, which is always carried by the standard bearer of the unit he accompanies. He may carry one further magic item chosen from the cards in Warhammer Magic or Warhammer Armies: Chaos as usual, but he may not buy further Chaos Rewards. Plaguestrangler has the Mark of Nurgle.

Save: 4+

Special Rule: To protect him from assassination, Nurgle has gifted his Champion a bodyguard of Plaguebearers. At the start of the battle, Plaguestrangler receives a bodyguard of D4 Plaguebearers. These must be deployed within 6" of Plaguestrangler, and if they stray outside of 6" from him, they must return to wihin 6" of him as soon as possible. Should Plaguestrangler be killed, the Plaguebearers disappear to the realm of Chaos.

b) Chaos Warrior Warband
The army may include units selected from the following list:

c) Allied Daemons
The army may not include Greater Daemons. Lesser Daemons may be chosen as follows:

d) Magic Items and Monsters
Magic items up to a value of up to 50pts may be used. Only the following monsters are allowed.