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The Navis Primer

p138 — The Carrier - Daemon Prince of Nurgle

Once a common voidsman in the Imperial Navy, the Daemon prince now known as "The Carrier" began life as Josephus Mallone in the Calixis Sector. At void from his earliest recollection, Mallone was, by all accounts, a terrible voidsman. Known throughout Battlefleet Calixis as unreliable, unrepentant, and a serial malingerer, he gained a reputation as the laziest man in the battlefleet, a title he accepted with honour. While that appellation was, perhaps, an overstatement, Mallone was a man who cared little for work and instead made his way through life avoiding it, a task easier than one might believe aboard a massive Imperial Navy voidship. For five decades he coasted in the belly of one voidship after another, avoiding superiors and as much labour as possible until a simple accident changed his life forever.

During a fateful voyage in which the ship's Gellar Field failed and suffered a minor Warp incursion, Mallone fought Daemons of Nurgle as part of a security party. During the pitched battle, Mallone contracted a disease from one of the Daemons. Strangely, some would say miraculously, he showed no signs of illness or taint, and his affliction went unnoticed. While he did not suffer from the disease, he carried it, and over the next few decades spread the taint of Nurgle among the battlefleet. Thousands of voidsmen and Imperial Navy functionaries died over the years, consumed from within by the awful plague Mallone unknowingly carried. Eventually, Mallone was discovered by agents of the Plague Lord and they approached him while he was in port. They informed him that he had been doing Nurgle's work for decades, spreading disease among his fellows. Papa Nurgle was pleased, they said, and offered him a proposition. Nurgle would give Mallone a life of eternal ease, away from the demands of naval life with its watches and hectoring bosuns, in exchange for continuing to spread his disease. He accepted, out of a sense of curiosity and idleness more than any real dedication to the Ruinous Powers.

Now, centuries later, he lives among the chaotic worlds of the Void Dancer's Roil and serves his master with glee. While he kept his human appearance upon apotheosis, within he is a roiling mass of poison and disease. His laziness was, if anything, intensified upon becoming a Daemon, and it is widely said that he would be one of Nurgle's most powerful servants if only he could be bothered. None of this matters to The Carrier; he is content to spread his plague and do the will of Nurgle as he sees fit. He does this by appearing aboard voidships lost in the Warp and offering them a way out of the howling Chaos of the Empyrean. Surprisingly, most are desperate enough to take the help of a shabby, ill-looking voidsman who simply manifests aboard and offers safe passage with an easy smile. Even ships of the Imperial Navy have fallen prey to this. True to his word, The Carrier guides each and every ship safely from the Warp, disappearing as soon as they transition back to realspace. Of course, by that time he already done the festering work of Nurgle, and the unfortunate vessel has also become a carrier of the Plaguelord's pestilence.

The Carrier

Movement: 3/6/9/-

Wounds: 61

Armour: Filthy-encrusted void-suit (All 5)

Total TB: 12

Fate Points: 3

Skills: Awareness (Per), Barter (Fel), Carouse (T), Charm (Fel), Common Lore (Imperium, Imperial Navy, Koronus Expanse) (Int), Concealment (Ag), Deceive (Fel) +20, Disguise (Fel) +20, Forbidden Lore (Daemonology, The Warp) (Int), Gamble (Int), Medicae (Int), Navigation (Stellar, Warp) (Int), Pilot (Spacecraft) (Ag), Psyniscience (Per) +20, Scholastic Lore (Astromancy, Legend) (Int), Secret Tongue (Underdeck) (Int), Speak Language (Daemonic, Low Gothic) (Int), Survival (Int), Trade (Voidfarer).

Talents: Basic Weapon Training (Las, SP), Decadence, Melee Weapon Training (Universal), Paranoia, Pistol Weapon Training (Las, SP), Psy Rating (8), Resistance (Disease, Psychic Powers), Warp Affinity, Warp Conduit, Warp Sense.

Traits: Daemonic, Dark Sight, From Beyond, Strange Physiology, The Stuff of Nightmares, Touched by the Fates, Unnatural Strength (x2).

Psychic Disciplines: Telekinesis, Daemon Techniques.

Psychic Techniques: All Telekinesis Techniques, Realm of Decay, Breath of the Plaguelord.

Weapons: Corrupted hand cannon (Pistol; 35m; S/-/-; 1d10+6 I; Pen 2; Clip 5: Rld 2 Full; Toxic, Infectious†).

†Infectious: Whenever a living creature suffers Damage from the Toxic Quality of this weapon, it also suffers 1d5 Toughness Damage. Any creature slain by this weapon rises as a Plaguebearer (see page 141).

p141-142 — Daemon Techniques

Realm of Decay

Prerequisites: Daemonic Trait
Focus Power Time: Half Action
Focus Power Test: Willpower
Range: 3m x Psy Rating
Sustained: Yes

At times, the Warp's corruption may be almost invisible as it inflicts its damage through treachery and concealment. However, when its unholy nature is fully unleashed, its merest hint can be devastating to a mortal psyche. A Daemon in service to Nurgle may choose to expose the faintest hint of his dark god's power into the material world. In doing so, those exposed are completely overwhelmed by its presence, such that they may become incapable of normal function.

The Daemon makes a Focus Power Test to exude a hideously foul cloud of corruption about itself. As long as the Daemon sustains this power, any creature without the Daemonic Trait within range suffers a penalty equal to the Daemon's Psy Rating to all Tests, with an additional -2 penalty for each Degree of Success that the Daemon scored on its Focus Power Test. Additionally, whenever a creature within range fails a Toughness Test (regardless of the cause of the Test), it suffers 1d5 Impact Damage that is not reduced by Armour or Toughness Bonus. This stench is a direct product of the Warp, so no amount of mundane shielding or air filtration is capable of overcoming its effects.

Breath of the Plaguelord

Prerequisites: Daemonic Trait
Focus Power Time: Full Action
Focus Power Test: Willpower
Range: 10m x Psy Rating
Sustained: No

Among the horrors that dwell within the Warp are creatures that embrace the essence of corruption and decay for its own sake. They revel in the very process of destruction. These entities long to see those who would dare oppose them reduced to a feeble state prior to their complete defeat. Nurgle's Embrace is a wasting disease that can destroy its victims and may even transform them into Daemons. This potent attack is duly feared as the disease is nearly always fatal.

The Daemon activates this power by selecting a target area and making a Focus Power Test. If the Daemon succeeds, all creatures within 2 metres x Psy Rating of the target area are afflicted by Nurgle's Rot. Targets may attempt to Dodge the cloud of disease, treating it as an Area Effect Attack. Those within range must immediately pass a Hard (-20) Toughness Test. Each Degree of Success on the Focus Power Test inflicts an additional -5 penalty to the Toughness Test. If a target succeeds, it has shrugged off the effects. If it fails the Test, the target becomes infected with Nurgle's Embrace.

When a living creature catches Nurgle's Embrace, it suffers 1d5 Impact Damage not reduced by Armour or Toughness immediately. It then suffers an additional 1d5 Impact Damage not reduced by Armour or Toughness Bonus at the start of each of its Turns for a number of Rounds equal to the Degrees of Failure it scored on its failed Toughness Test to resist the disease. As the disease festers, it may also spread to others; each time a character suffers Damage from Nurgle's Embrace, each living creature within 5 metres that is not already infected must make a Challenging (+0) Toughness Test or also become infected for a number of Rounds equal to the Degrees of Failure it scores on its own failed Toughness Test. Whenever a creature dies from Damage caused by Nurgle's Embrace, it rises as a Plaguebearer, intent on spreading the gifts of Papa Nurgle far and wide across the Materium (see page 141).

p141 — Plaguebearer

These servants of Nurgle are devoted to spreading his corruption throughout their travels. Their exposed intestines, cyclopean eye, and horns strike fear in those who face them, while their plagueswords infect anyone they wound.

Plaguebearer Profile

Movement: 3/6/9/18

Wounds: 30

Armour: None

Total TB: 15

Skills: Awareness (Per), Psyniscience (Per), Scholastic Lore (Numerology) (Int), Speak Language (any one).

Talents: Crippling Strike.

Traits: Cloud of Flies†, Daemonic (TB 10), Daemonic Presence††, Fear (2), From Beyond, Improved Natural Weapons, Natural Weapons (Claws), Regeneration (1), Strange Physiology, Unnatural Strength (x2), Unnatural Toughness (x2), Warp Instability.

Weapons: Plaguesword (Melee; 1d10+13; Pen 1; Toxic), Claws (Melee; 1d10+8; Pen 2; Toxic).

†Cloud of Flies: All foes within metres of the Plaguebearer suffer a -10 penalty to Weapon Skill and Ballistic Skill Tests as choking clouds of buzzing, biting flies attack every exposed inch of flesh.

††Daemonic Presence: All enemies within 20 metres of a Plaguebearer suffer a -10 penalty to Willpower Tests.