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Codex: Imperial Knights (2015)

While intended for use with Imperial armies, Codex: Imperial Knights does make mention of Nurgle's forces as opponents in a couple of places. Note also that Forge World created models and published rules for Chaos Knights.

p18 — 230.M41 Incursion

Knights of House Taranis battle a daemonic incursion on Tarsok V, taking the fight to the towering Great Unclean One that leads the otherworldly horde. Despite heavy losses, the Knights are, at last, triumphant. A bitter new enemy has been made.

p60 — House Krast

The treachery of the Horus Heresy took a fearsome toll on Chrysis, with the traitor Titans of Legio Mortis the chief culprits behind the utter ruination of their home world. House Krast was the only knightly house on Chrysis to survive the calamitous events. So great were their losses that only their proximity to Mars, and the great support of the Fabricator General, allowed House Krast to recover. Since that time, the Nobles of House Krast seek the forces of Chaos above all others, hoping to settle old scores and fulfil oaths sworn by every one of their ancestors. Despite this, House Krast still honours Mars, and never shirks its responsibilities to its Adeptus Mechanicus allies.