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Inspiring Content

Creativity works best with a contraint to work against and a spark to inspire. The Warhammer background provides plenty of both. And this page gives some further sources of inspiration to help you in designing your own force of Nurgle followers.


Painted Armies

Armies on Parade is a Games Workshop website that showcases fine work by talented and skilled members of the hobby. Given that it is GW content, the website is not guaranteed to be around forever, but while the links work here are some Nurgle forces that have been listed there:

Father Nurgle, Lord of All,

Give me the enthusiasm of a Beast,
The curiosity of a Nurgling,
The patience of a Plaguebearer,
And the devotion of a Great Unclean One.

Let me accept the inevitable
So that I may enjoy the moment.
Let me endure hardships
So that I may be happy in your love.