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Inquisitor Cut-ups

The cut-up technique is a literary extension of collage, involving randomly picking words or phrases from an existing body of text. It was pioneered by Tristan Tzara, and first published in "To Make a Dadaist Poem" from Dada Manifesto On Feeble Love And Bitter Love (1920). A hundred years later, works such as Tilt (2020, Alex Yari, Little Dreamer) and Cut Up Solo (2021, Peter Rudin-Burgess, PPM Games) advocate for the use of cut-ups in providing inspiration for role-playing games. The Dark Heresy role-playing game is set in the Warhammer 40,000 universe and has the player characters in the role of acolytes working for the Inquisition. Therefore, the various Black Library books that feature Inquisitors are an ideal source for the application of this technique. This page generates sets of random snippets from the following series:

ships. All they had were
garbage slicks, estuary mud, all
of Askandargrad, ravaged and ravished...
won't all fit, Gregor.' 'The
to face him. Molotch knew
bring my chair to a
she would creep up the
her part, blunter on his
No. For the patriarch arose,
said, clearly and precisely. ‘We
face and skull she screamed
of brutality stained his record.
She nodded. ‘Maybe we get
it cuts on the way.’
‘Zavius,’ he answered. ‘And your
before handing them to the
collapse it,' I said, with
plain velvet robe of selpic
‘Maybe.’ The youth stopped moving.
nothing…’ she paused, and a
waterway. The craft were full
dissolved, awaiting apotheosis!’ ‘What does
void-born, his grey clothes cut
ceiling, in which another portal,
of noticeably higher quality than
with something approaching contempt. ‘Waste
powers of a lord governor
also,’ Czevak revealed. Klute shrugged
direction. One had a chain-blade,
even now could call tens