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A Nurgle Lexicon

Here's a big list of words that relate in some way to the minions of Nurgle. There are terms relating to decay, disease, ruin, as well as other characteristic features such as horns, bells, bodily functions, vermin, twilight, swamps, fog, and the two extremes of joy and despair, all of which are present among Nurgle's favoured children. Use these as inspiration for naming your own troops and characters.

Try playing around with different forms of the words, or finding interesting contrasts. For example, I particularly like the homophones "tocsin" and "toxin", the various meanings of "humour", contrasting "infect"/"infest", "grim"/"grime", "lesion"/"legion", "septic"/"septimal", or considering that "weep" may relate to crying in despair as well as seepage from an infection.

For ease of use, here are three words randomly generated from the list below; refresh the page to generate a new trio:

enchondroma hollow disheartenment

Each word below is hyperlinked to its corresponding definition at Wiktionary, in case there are some terms here that are unfamiliar to you. British English spellings are used throughout, since that is the language of Games Workshop and Warhammer.

aberrant, acedia, abide, abscess, abnormal, absorb, acne, acrid, acromegaly, adamant, adenoma, adenopathy, adipose, aerugo, afflicted, ague, ailment, alastrim, alphos, ancient, anergy, angina, angst, anguish, ankylosis, anomalous, anthrax, anus, apathy, apoptosis, appalling, arse, arthralgia, arthrosis, atrabilious, atrophy, atter, awful, bacillus, bacterium, baleful, bane, bariatric, barren, batrachoid, bedraggled, belch, beldame, bell, belly, bile, biliverdin, biostratinomy, blackhead, blasted, bleak, bleb, blemish, blight, blister, bloat, blob, blotch, blubber, boak, bog, bogey, boil, bordetella, boredom, borrelia, bottom, botulism, bowels, brucellosis, bruise, bubble, bubo, bug, bulbous, bulla, bum, burble, burp, burrow, buttocks, cachexia, cadaver, caliginous, campane, campylobacter, cancer, canker, capsid, carbuncle, carcass, carcinoma, carillon, carrion, catarrh, catatonia, certain, cesspool, chancroid, charnel, cheerful, cheerless, chigger, chikungunya, chime, chlamydia, choke, cholera, chronic, churn, chyme, cimmerian, clammy, cloaca, clostridium, clot, cloud, coagulate, coagulopathy, coccidiosis, coccus, cockroach, codon, coleopter, colonic, colorectal, coma, comedo, commode, condemned, congeal, constipation, consumption, contagion, contaminate, convulse, coprophage, cornigerous, coronach, corpse, corpulent, corrigiunculum, corrosion, corruption, cough, cramp, crap, crawl, creep, crepuscular, crisis, crusty, cry, cryptococcosis, curdle, curmur, curse, cyanobacterium, cyanopathy, cyst, cytopathy, damned, dank, dark, deadly, death, debased, decay, decompose, decrepit, defecate, defect, defile, deformed, degenerate, degrade, dehiscence, dejection, deleterious, deliquesce, depression, dermatophyte, desolate, despair, despondency, deteriorate, determined, detrimental, detritus, detritovore, devour, diabetes, diaphoretic, diarrhoea, diehard, dilapidated, dim, dingy, diphtheria, dirge, dirt, discharge, disease, disfigured, disgorge, disgust, disheartenment, dismal, disorder, disrepair, distasteful, distemper, distended, distorted, diuresis, dogged, doldrums, dolorous, doom, dour, draff, drain, dreary, dregs, dribble, drip, drone, drool, dross, drudgery, dump, dung, dusk, dysbiosis, dysentery, dysfunction, dysplasia, dyspnea, ebullient, ecchymosis, echinococcosis, ecthyma, eczema, effluent, effluvium, elegy, embolus, emesis, emission, empty, encephaloid, encephalopathy, enchondroma, encrusted, end, endometrioma, endurance, energetic, engulf, ennui, enterococcus, enthusiasm, entrails, entropy, epidemic, epizootic, erosion, eruct, erysipelas, erythema, eurysome, evenfall, excrement, excrete, execrable, expectorate, expire, extrusion, exuberance, exudate, faeces, famine, fart, fat, fatal, father, fault, favus, febrile, feculent, feist, fen, fester, fever, final, filariasis, filth, fissiped, fissure, flab, flatulence, flatus, flaw, flea, fleshy, flu, fly, foetid, foetor, fog, fomite, forlorn, forsaken, fossor, foul, funereal, fungus, furuncle, futility, gag, gaiety, gall, gangosa, gangrene, gape, gas, gasp, gassy, gastropodous, gel, germ, ghastly, ghoulish, giardiasis, glaucoma, gloaming, globule, gloom, gloop, glutinous, gluttony, gnarled, gobble, goitre, gonorrhoea, goo, gout, granuloma, gravedigger, grease, green, grief, grim, grime, gripe, gross, grotesque, grotty, growth, grub, grubby, grumble, gulp, gunge, gunk, gurgle, guts, haemorrhage, haemorrhoid, hag, happiness, hardheaded, hardship, healless, helicobacter, helminthiasis, hepatosis, herpes, hideous, hidrotic, hirudine, hives, hoary, hollow, hopelessness, horned, horrid, horrible, humour, ichthyosis, icterus, ill-fated, ill-omened, illness, immoveable, impetigo, implacable, impure, inannihilable, inauspicious, incurable, indolent, ineradicable, inevitable, inexorable, infect, infest, infirmity, inflamed, innards, insalubrious, insect, intestines, intractable, inveterate, irritant, ischemia, jaundice, jollity, jovial, joy, karoshi, karyorrhexis, kedani, khazi, knell, knurled, konzo, koro, kuru, lament, languor, lassitude, lasting, latrine, lavatory, laxative, lazar, leak, leech, legionella, leprosy, leprous, leptospire, lesion, lethal, lethargy, leukaemia, leukopenia, lice, lich, lichenification, listeria, livedo, loathsome, lockjaw, loo, lord, lost, luetic, lugubrious, lumbering, lumbricine, lumpen, lurgy, lysis, macabre, maggot, malady, malaise, malakoplakia, malaria, malefic, malformed, malfunction, malignant, malodorous, mange, mar, marsh, maw, measles, melancholy, melanoma, mephitic, mere, merry, mesel, metastasis, miasma, microbe, micturate, midden, midge, mildew, miliaria, misery, misshapen, mist, mire, mirth, mite, moan, monstrous, morass, morbid, morbilli, moribund, mormal, morose, morphea, mortality, mossy, mould, mourn, mucilaginous, muck, mucopurulent, mucus, mud, mulish, mumps, murky, muscid, musty, mutter, mycelium, mycobacterium, mycoplasm, myolysis, naegleriasis, nausea, necrology, necrophore, necrotic, neglect, neutropenia, nightbreak, nightfall, nightsoil, nihilistic, nodule, noisome, noma, noxious, obdurate, obesity, obnoxious, obscene, obstinate, odious, odour, offal, ominous, oncogene, ooze, ordure, ort, outbreak, outcast, outflow, overripe, overweight, pale, pallid, palsy, pandemic, panus, papule, parasite, paroxysm, pasty, paternalistic, pathogen, pathosis, peal, perish, persistent, perspiration, pertinacious, pestilence, petasius, petechia, phage, phlegm, phlegmon, phrynoderma, phthisic, phyma, pimple, piss, pitted, plague, plaque, plethoric, plodding, plop, pneumonia, poikiloderma, poison, pollute, polycythemia, polyp, polyuria, ponderous, pong, poo, porphyria, pox, preternatural, privy, prodrome, profane, propionibacterium, protuberant, prurigo, pseudomonad, psoriasis, puke, pulsate, pungent, purge, purpura, purulent, pus, pustule, putrefaction, putrescence, putrescible, putrid, pyknosis, pyogenic, pyorrhoea, quag, queasiness, quinsy, rabble, rabies, raddled, ragged, ramshackle, rancid, rank, rankle, rash, rat, rectum, reek, regret, regurgitate, relentless, remorseless, repellent, repugnance, repulsive, requiem, residue, resilient, resolute, retch, reviling, revolting, rheumatism, rickettsia, ringworm, ripe, roiling, roseola, rot, rubeola, rue, ruin, rupture, rust, sad, saliva, sallow, salmonella, saprobe, saprophyte, saprotroph, sarcoma, scab, scabious, scabies, scabrous, scat, scathel, sclerosis, scorbutus, scourge, scrofulous, scrumpox, scum, scurvy, scuzzy, sebaceous, seborrhoea, sebum, secrete, seep, septic, septimal, sepulchral, serous, sewage, shamble, shigellosis, shingles, shit, shrivel, sickness, signum, slaver, slime, slob, slobber, slop, sloth, slough, slovenly, slow, sludge, sluggish, slurry, smear, smell, smokefall, snail, snot, sob, soiled, solemn, sombre, sore, sorrow, sour, spasm, spawn, spew, spit, splanchnic, splat, spoil, spore, sputum, squalor, squat, squilla, squirm, stagnant, stain, stale, stalwart, stamina, staphylococcus, staunch, steadfast, stench, stenocardia, sticky, stillness, stink, stoic, stool, strain, strangury, streptococcus, stress, stricken, struma, sty, stye, stygian, sudor, suffer, sullen, sully, sunset, sump, suppurant, swallow, swamp, swarm, sweat, swell, swill, symptom, syphilis, taciturn, taint, tally, taphonomy, tardigradous, tarnish, tatterdemalion, tatters, tedium, telangiectasia, tenacious, tenebrous, tentacular, testudineous, terminal, terrible, tetanus, thole, threnody, thrombocytopaenia, thrombus, tic, tick, tinea, tinniolum, tinnitus, tintinnabulum, toad, tocsin, toilet, toll, toughness, toxin, toxoplasmosis, treponema, trichomoniasis, trismus, trypanosomiasis, tsutsugamushi, tubercle, tularemia, tumbledown, tummy, tumour, turbid, turd, twilight, typhoid, typhus, ugly, ulcer, unclean, undying, ungulate, unhappiness, unhealthy, unholy, unhygienic, unkempt, unnatural, unpleasant, unrelenting, unshakeable, unstoppable, unwashed, unwell, unwholesome, unyielding, urine, urticaria, vaginosis, valetudinarian, vapour, varicosity, variola, vector, vehement, verdant, verdigris, vermian, vermin, verruca, vesicate, vesper, vibrio, vigour, vile, virescent, virid, virion, virosis, virulence, virus, viscera, viscid, vitiligo, void, vomit, vulgar, wail, wallow, wan, warped, wart, waste, wasting, weep, weltschmerz, wheal, whimper, whine, whitehead, wilful, wind, wither, wizen, woe, worm, worn, wretch, wriggle, writhe, yaws, yersinia, yuck, zit, zoster