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A Nurgle Lexicon

Here's a big list of words that relate in some way to the minions of Nurgle. There are terms relating to decay, disease, ruin, as well as other characteristic features such as horns, bells, bodily functions, vermin, twilight, swamps, fog, and the two extremes of joy and despair, all of which are present among Nurgle's favoured children. Use these as inspiration for naming your own units and individuals.

Try playing around with different forms of the words, or finding interesting contrasts. For example, I particularly like the homophones "tocsin"/"toxin" and "retch"/"wretch", the various meanings of "humour", contrasting "infect"/"infest", "grim"/"grime", "lesion"/"legion", "septic"/"septimal", or considering that "weep" may relate to crying in despair as well as seepage from an infection.

For ease of use, here are three words randomly generated from the list below; refresh the page to generate a new trio:

witkop lumpen cloud

Each word below is hyperlinked to its corresponding definition at Wiktionary, in case there are some terms here that are unfamiliar to you. British English spellings are used throughout, since that is the language of Games Workshop and Warhammer.

aberrant, abetalipoproteinemia, acedia, acerbic, acrid, abide, abscess, abnormal, absorb, acne, acrid, acromegaly, adamant, adenoma, adenopathy, adipose, aegilops, aerugo, afflicted, ague, ailment, alastrim, alphos, amurcous, ancient, anergy, angina, angst, anguish, ankylosis, anomalous, anthrax, anus, apathy, apoptosis, appalling, arse, arthralgia, arthrosis, atrabilious, atrophy, atter, awful, bacillus, bacteraemia, bacterium, baleful, bane, banjax, bariatric, barren, batrachoid, bedraggled, bejel, belch, beldame, belesh, bell, belly, bile, biliverdin, biostratinomy, bitter, blackhead, blackleg, blasé, blasted, bleak, bleb, blemish, blight, blister, bloat, blob, blotch, blubber, boak, bog, bogalosha, bogey, boil, bordetella, boredom, borrelia, botfly, bottom, botulism, bowels, brackish, brucellosis, bruise, brume, bubble, bubo, bug, bulbous, bulk, bulla, bum, burble, burp, burrow, buttocks, cachexia, cadaver, caecotroph, caliginous, campane, campylobacter, cancer, canker, capsid, carbuncle, carcass, carcinogenesis, carcinoma, carillon, carrion, catarrh, catatonia, certain, cesspool, chancroid, charnel, cheerful, cheerless, chigger, chiggoe, chikungunya, chime, chlamydia, choke, cholera, chondrosarcoma, chronic, chthonophagia, churn, chyme, cicatrix, cimmerian, ciron, clammy, cloaca, clonus, clostridium, clot, cloud, cloy, coagulate, coagulopathy, coccidiosis, coccus, cockroach, codon, coleopter, colonic, colorectal, coma, comedo, commode, condemned, congeal, constipation, consumption, contagion, contaminate, convulse, coprophage, cornigerous, coronach, corpse, corpulent, corrigiunculum, corrosion, corruption, cough, cramp, crap, crawl, creep, crepuscular, crisis, crusty, cry, cryptococcosis, curdle, curmur, curse, cyanobacterium, cyanopathy, cycloplegia, cynic, cyst, cytopathy, damned, dank, dark, deadly, death, debased, decay, decompose, decrepit, defecate, defect, defile, deformed, degenerate, degrade, dehiscence, dejection, deleterious, deliquesce, depression, dermatophyte, desolate, despair, despondency, deteriorate, determined, detrimental, detritus, detritovore, devour, diabetes, diaphoretic, diarrhoea, dichuchwa, diehard, dilapidated, dim, dingy, diphtheria, dirge, dirt, discharge, disease, disfigured, disgorge, disgust, disheartenment, dismal, disorder, disrepair, distasteful, distemper, distended, distorted, diuresis, dogged, doldrums, doleful, dolorous, doom, dour, draff, drain, dreary, dregs, dribble, drip, drone, drool, dross, drudgery, dull, dump, dung, dusk, dysbiosis, dysentery, dysfunction, dysplasia, dyspnea, ebullient, ecchymosis, echinococcosis, ecthyma, eczema, effluent, effluvium, elegy, elephantiasis, embolus, emesis, emission, empty, encephaloid, encephalopathy, enchondroma, encrusted, end, endometrioma, endurance, energetic, engulf, ennui, enterococcus, enthusiasm, entrails, entropy, epidemic, epizootic, erosion, eruct, erysipelas, erythema, eurysome, evenfall, excrement, excrete, execrable, expectorate, expire, extrusion, exuberance, exudate, faeces, famine, fart, fat, fatal, fatberg, father, fatigue, fault, favus, febrile, feculent, feist, fen, fester, fever, final, filariasis, filth, fissiped, fissure, flab, flatulence, flatus, flaw, flea, fleshy, flu, flukeworm, fly, flyblown, flystrike, foetid, foetor, fog, fomite, forlorn, forsaken, fossor, foul, frambesia, fug, funereal, fungus, furuncle, futility, gadfly, gag, gaiety, gall, gangosa, gangrene, gape, gas, gasp, gassy, gastropodous, gel, generosity, germ, ghastly, ghoulish, giardiasis, girus, glaucoma, glisten, gloaming, globule, gloom, gloop, glop, glut, glutinous, gluttony, gnarled, gobble, goitre, gold-finder, gongfermor, gonorrhoea, goo, gorged, gound, gout, granuloma, gravedigger, grease, green, grief, grim, grime, gripe, grobian, gross, grotesque, grotty, growth, grub, grubby, grumble, gulp, gunge, gunk, gurgle, guts, haemorrhage, haemorrhoid, hag, happiness, hardheaded, hardship, healless, heave, hebdomad, helicobacter, helminthiasis, hepatoma, hepatoptosis, hepatosis, heptad, herpes, hideous, hidrotic, hirudine, hives, hoary, hollow, hopelessness, horned, horrid, horrible, horsefly, humour, ichor, ichthyosis, icterus, ill-fated, ill-omened, illness, immoveable, impetigo, implacable, impure, inannihilable, inauspicious, incurable, indifferent, indolent, ineradicable, inevitable, inexorable, infect, infest, infirmity, inflamed, influenza, innards, insalubrious, insect, intestines, intractable, inveterate, irksome, irritant, ischemia, jaded, jaundice, jollity, jovial, joy, karoshi, karyorrhexis, kedani, khazi, knell, knurled, konzo, koro, kuru, laggard, lament, languor, lassitude, lasting, latrine, lavatory, laxative, lazar, leak, leech, legionella, leprosy, leprous, leptospire, lesion, lethal, lethargy, lethera, leukaemia, leukopenia, lice, lich, lichenification, listeria, listless, livedo, loathsome, lockjaw, loimic, loo, lord, lost, louse, luetic, lugubrious, lumbering, lumbricine, lumpen, lurgy, lymphoma, lysis, macabre, maggot, malady, malaise, malakoplakia, malaria, malefic, malformed, malfunction, malignant, malodorous, mange, mar, marcid, marsh, maw, measles, melancholy, melanoma, mephitic, mere, merry, mesel, metastasis, miasma, microbe, micturate, midden, midge, mildew, miliaria, misery, misshapen, mist, mire, mirth, mite, moan, monstrous, morass, morbid, morbilli, moribund, mormal, morose, morphea, morphew, mortality, mortification, mossy, mould, mourn, mucilaginous, muck, mucopurulent, mucus, mud, mulish, mumps, murky, muscid, musty, mutter, mycelium, mycobacterium, mycoplasm, myiasis, myolysis, naegleriasis, nausea, necrology, necrophore, necrotic, neglect, neutropenia, nightbreak, nightfall, nightman, nightsoil, nigua, nihilistic, nisus, njovera, nodule, noisome, noma, noxious, obdurate, obesity, obnoxious, obscene, obstinate, obstipate, odious, odour, offal, ominous, oncogene, ooze, ordure, ort, outbreak, outcast, outflow, overripe, overweight, pale, pall, pallid, palsy, pandemic, panus, papule, parasite, paroxysm, pasty, paternalistic, pathogen, pathosis, peal, pébrine, perish, persistent, perspiration, pertinacious, pestilence, petasius, petechia, phage, phlegm, phlegmon, phrynoderma, phthisic, phyma, pica, pimple, pinta, piss, pitted, plague, plaque, pleiad, plethoric, plodding, plop, plumbism, pneumonia, poikiloderma, poison, pollute, polycythemia, polyp, polyuria, ponderous, pong, poo, porphyria, pox, preternatural, privy, prodrome, profane, propionibacterium, protuberant, prurigo, pruritus, pseudomonad, pseudovariola, psoriasis, puke, pulsate, pungent, purge, purpura, purulent, pus, pustule, putrefaction, putrescence, putrescible, putrid, pyknosis, pyogenic, pyometra, pyorrhoea, pyrexia, quag, queasiness, quinsy, rabble, rabies, rachitic, raddled, ragged, ramshackle, rancid, rank, rankle, rash, rat, rectum, reek, regret, regurgitate, relentless, remorseless, repellent, repugnance, repulsive, requiem, residue, resilient, resolute, retch, reviling, revolting, rheum, rickettsia, ringworm, ripe, roiling, roseola, rot, rubeola, rue, ruin, rupture, rust, sad, saliva, sallow, salmonella, sappy, saprobe, saprophyte, saprotroph, sarcoma, scab, scabious, scabies, scabrous, scat, scathel, scatophage, schistosomiasis, sclerosis, scorbutus, scourge, screwworm, scrofulous, scrumpox, scum, scurvy, scuzzy, sebaceous, seborrhoea, sebum, secrete, seep, sennight, septic, septimal, sepulchral, serous, sewage, shabaroon, shamble, shigellosis, shingles, shit, shrivel, sibbens, sickness, signum, skitters, slaver, slime, slob, slobber, slop, sloth, slough, slovenly, slow, slubberdegullion, sludge, slugabed, sluggish, slummock, slurry, smear, smell, smokefall, snail, snot, sob, soiled, solemn, sombre, sordid, sore, sorrow, sour, spasm, spavin, spawn, spew, spinnbarkeit, spit, spittle, splanchnic, splat, spoil, spore, sputum, squalor, squat, squilla, squirm, stagnant, stain, stale, stalwart, stamina, staphylococcus, staunch, steadfast, steatopygian, stench, stenocardia, sticky, stillness, stink, stodge, stoic, stool, strain, strangury, streptococcus, stress, stricken, strongyloidiasis, struma, sty, stye, stygian, sudor, suffer, sullen, sully, sunset, sump, suppurant, swallow, swamp, swarm, sweat, swell, swill, symptom, syphilis, tabanid, taciturn, taint, tally, tapeworm, taphonomy, tardigradous, tarnish, tatterdemalion, tatters, tedium, telangiectasia, tenacious, tenebrous, tentacular, testudineous, terminal, terrible, tetanus, thole, threadworm, threnody, thrombocytopaenia, thrombus, tic, tick, tinea, tinniolum, tinnitus, tintinnabulum, tiresome, toad, tocsin, toilet, toll, torsalo, toughness, toxin, toxoplasmosis, trachoma, treponema, trichina, trichomoniasis, trichuriasis, trismus, trypanosome, tsetse, tsutsugamushi, tubercle, tularemia, tumbledown, tummy, tumour, tungiasis, turbid, turd, twilight, typhoid, typhus, tzaraath, ugly, ulcer, unclean, undying, ungulate, unhappiness, unhealthy, unholy, unhygienic, unimpressed, uninterested, unkempt, unnatural, unpleasant, unrelenting, unshakeable, unstoppable, unwashed, unwell, unwholesome, unyielding, urine, urticaria, vaginosis, valetudinarian, vapour, varicosity, variola, vector, vehement, verdant, verdigris, vermian, vermiculation, vermin, verruca, vesicate, vesper, vibrio, vigour, vile, virescent, virid, virion, virosis, virulence, virus, viscera, viscid, vitiligo, void, vomit, vulgar, wail, wallow, wan, warped, wart, waste, wasting, weary, weed, weep, weltschmerz, wheal, whimper, whine, whipworm, whitehead, whitlow, wilful, wind, wither, witkop, wizen, woe, worm, worn, wretch, wriggle, writhe, yaws, yersinia, yuck, zika, zit, zoster