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Nurgle Lore

Being a collection of pages organising the lore of Nurgle into its disparate categories by subject matter.

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The followers of Nurgle take various unwholesome forms. These pages gather together information from a variety of sources in order to give a complete view of how their backgrounds have developed with each publication, where appropriate including illustrations.

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There are very many named characters in the background of both Warhammer Fantasy and Warhammer 40,000 that have a connection to Nurgle, often through singular appearances in small bits of fiction throughout the many rulebooks. This table lists those individuals that are important; key figures that have a major impact on their respective settings, as measured by the amount of background information written about them, and whether they have been represented with models and/or rules. Additional minor characters are given in a list after the table.

Sci-fiRPGAbcellyothHeraldA gestalt of daemonic vermin on Mire in the Screaming Vortex (FFG).
Sci-fiRPGAynthrexesHeraldSummoned by Ferrue Fayne of the Blessed Flesh cult on Desoleum (FFG).
Blood BowlBoardgameBilerot VomitfleshHuman MutantA star player for the Chaos team in Blood Bowl.
BothWargameBubonicusDaemon PrinceLived a mortal life as Lothar on the Warhammer Fantasy world.
Sci-fiRPGVorxec CalvariusSpace MarineA Chaplain of the Silver Skulls turned to Nurgle workship (FFG).
Sci-fiRPGThe CarrierDaemon PrinceAn Imperial voidsman elevated to Princedom for his efforts in spreading disease (FFG).
Sci-fiRPGThe EntomancerMechanicusA Magos Biologis Explorator who now studies Nurgle's insects (FFG).
BothWargameEpidemiusHeraldA powerful Plaguebearer who catalogues all of Nurgle's diseases.
Sci-fiRPGFerrue FayneHumanLeader of the Blessed Flesh Strain of the Callers of Sorrow (FFG).
Sci-fiRPGTormus FayneHumanLeader of the Mournful Song Strain of the Callers of Sorrow (FFG).
Sci-fiWargameFoulspawnDaemon PrinceA Chaos Spawn that was elevated to the status of Daemon Prince.
Sci-fiWargameNathaniel GarroSpace MarineA loyalist Death Guard marine who co-founded the Grey Knights.
Sci-fiRPGGhulrothHeraldThe Slaverer, a powerful and savage but stupid Daemon (FFG).
Sci-fiWargameJibberjawChaos SpawnA giant plaguespawn of Nurgle (Forge World).
BothWargameKu'gathGreater DaemonA sombre ex-Nurgling Great Unclean One who diligently researches diseases.
Sci-fiWargameMamonDaemon PrinceAchieved his apotheosis via the Siege of Vraks (Forge World).
Sci-fiRPGAdrius MeinlokaHumanThe Pit-Lord of Guelph, ruling over multiple daemon forges (FFG).
Sci-fiRPGMephidastDaemon PrinceThe self-styled Plaguereaver whose influence stretches over the Hadex Anomaly (FFG).
Sci-fiWargameMortarionDaemon PrinceSpace Marine Primarch of the Death Guard legion.
Sci-fiWargameNecrosiusSpace MarineSorcerer and leader of the Apostles of Contagion warband (Forge World).
BothRPGNurgleChaos GodThe Plague God himself, the Chaos Power of disease and despair.
Sci-fiRPGPutricifexHeraldThe Maggot King, who turned Achkovas Spengh to Nurgle (FFG).
Sci-fiWargameScabeiathraxDaemon LordA gargantuan Great Unclean One of huge power (Forge World).
Sci-fiRPGAchkovas SpenghHumanLeader of the Callers of Sorrow cult on hive world Desoleum (FFG).
Sci-fiRPGThe ThanatorHumanA high-ranking Priornite psyker from Mire (FFG).
Sci-fiWargameTyphusSpace MarineDeath Guard Captain, Herald of Nurgle, and host to the Destroyer Plague.
Sci-fiRPGUssaxSpace MarineSorcerer of the Death Guard, active in the Jericho Reach (FFG).
FantasyNovelYstarethDaemonA human elevated by Nurgle to become a Plague Daemon.

Other minor characters: Abscessas, Aghalor, Agoris the Foul, Ahleir, Gullivox Arcul, Blackrot, Ophiria & Remy Brousse, Buorgdius, Cachek the Deranged, Cord Cantric, Saul Charyn, Colathrax, Gerag Corlin, Plague Captain Despoidiol, Dhornurgh the Reborn, Fabian, Eructacus Foetor, the Forsaken Host, Gal'furth, Garlea, Alehir Ghent, Death Priest Glug'frath, Gorak, Gresh, Grod, Grotti, Grubenth, Gurglish the Ever-Rotting, Gzarik Redclaw Nurgle, Leach King Hespherash, Kulvain Hestarius, Hovit, Ischbak Gatrog Nurgle, Jurt, Korvede Kalthrax, the Keisari, Kilpengur the Blighted, Lethrax the Blighted Hand, Magir Linschoten, Longhorn, Malaghent, Manthrax, Nostag, Duke Olaks, Pestulus, Effluvias Plo, Rhodan Polikharp, Pusmaw, Adipose Rex, the Rotting King, Hemler Rottingflesh, Plague Mother Septhrix, Skarathaoritx, Skas, S'Thall, Rheumalicae Surpetiss, Aefluvia Tamilar, Thush'Bolg, Esau Turnet, Ulbirna, Dhalus Ulkalor, Utterblight, Uzao, Vommikrux, Yorgol, Yufreth of Tidec, Sythia Zale, Zlans the Wracked.

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Nurgle's followers have formed a variety of organisations of like-minded fellows, all seeking to venerate the Plague God in their own manner. Here are some prominent examples:

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A variety of unwholesome and tainted items that spread pestilence and inflict decay may be found in the hands of Nurgle's followers. This is a selection of such notorious objects:

Sci-fiRPGAn'garrachWeaponDaemonic chainsword possessed by Nurglings (FFG).
BothWargameBaleswordWeaponGreater magic weapon of Nurgle.
Sci-fiWargameBlight GrenadeWeaponThrown weapon used by Plague Marines.
Sci-fiRPGBloodrot RoundsAmmunitionToxic ammunition for bolt weapons (FFG).
Sci-fiRPGBone MaulWeaponMelee weapon used by natives of Mire (FFG).
Sci-fiWargameCorruptionWeaponHellforged artefact of Nurgle, melee weapon.
Sci-fiRPGCursed CarillonInstrumentSet of bells that herald plague and madness (FFG).
BothWargameDeath HeadWeaponThrown weapon that spreads Nurgle's Rot.
Sci-fiWargameDoomsday BellInstrumentHellforged artefact of Nurgle, instrument.
Sci-fiWargameEpidemiaWeaponHellforged artefact of Nurgle, melee weapon.
Sci-fiRPGFather of BladesWeaponAncient daemon weapon, original Plaguesword (FFG).
Sci-fiRPGFoulswarm GrenadeWeaponCorrosive and toxic thrown weapon (FFG).
Sci-fiWargameHorn of Nurgle's RotToolHellforged artefact of Nurgle, headgear.
Sci-fiRPGIcon of Seeping DecaySymbolIcon of Nurgle, inspiring his followers (FFG).
Sci-fiWargameManreaperWeaponPower scythe used by Death Guard.
BothWargamePalanquinTransportNurgling-carried seat used as transportation.
Sci-fiWargamePandemic StaffWeaponMelee weapon bearing Nurgle's diseases.
Sci-fiRPGPestilent FlailWeaponMelee weapon and censer of contagion (FFG).
Sci-fiWargamePlague BannerSymbolIcon of Nurgle, imbued with his magic.
Sci-fiRPGPlague CauldronToolHuge vat for brewing pestilential concoctions (FFG).
Sci-fiRPGPlague ClawToolMedical appendage for injecting toxins (FFG).
BothWargamePlague FlailWeaponMagic weapon of Nurgle.
Sci-fiWargamePlague KnifeWeaponMelee weapon used by Plague Marines.
BothWargamePlagueswordWeaponMelee weapon used by Plaguebearers.
Sci-fiRPGScabDrugUnholy drug that increases toughness (FFG).
Sci-fiRPGScourge ShellsAmmunitionToxic ammunition for shotgun weapons (FFG).
FantasyWargameStaff of NurgleWeaponMagic staff that causes lethal infestations.
Sci-fiWargameTP-IIIWeaponChemical weapon used on Vraks (Forge World).
Sci-fiRPGUndead HeartImplantSorcerous implant that heals its host (FFG).

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