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Septicus Legion

In the Warhammer 40,000 setting, the Septicus Legion is one of Nurgle's many Plague Legions. It is one of the Legions Pathogenus, and is led by a Great Unclean One called Septicus.

Codex: Chaos Daemons (2018)

Codex: Chaos Daemons (2018), p21 — The Septicus Legion

The Septicus Legion was part of the daemonic force that penetrated deep into Ultramar, and participated in the fighting that culminated on Iax. It is led by Septicus himself - the self-styled Pox-Tyrant of the Scourge Stars. On the battlefield, Septicus is accompanied by the Rustclankers - a bodyguard of three Soul Grinders. Shown here are the seven full-strength Tallybands that made up the Septicus Legion as it took part in the Battle of Ioneth Fields and the contamination of the Vinecoast.

The Septicus Legion is one of the Legions Pathogenus - ideal both to manifest and spread disease - and it was their task to conquer and hold Iax. Were it not for the untimely return of Roboute Guilliman, it is a mission they would have successfully completed.


Led by Drog'lar Slimeskin (Spoilpox Scrivener)

Seven Plaguebearer packs and three Beasts of Nurgle

It was the Investus Tallyband that served Septicus as a vanguard on Iax. Its ranks of Plaguebearers formed around Drog'lar as he counted the initial symptoms of disease exhibited by the planet's defenders.


Led by Bzzark the Fly-borne (Daemon Prince)

Seven Plague Drone packs

The winged Daemon Prince Bzzark and his Plague Drones are adept at exploiting weaknesses in the enemy lines, and are often unleashed after the Investus and Dirge Tollers Tallybands have pinned down the foe.

Shambling Horde

Led by Grizguttage (Spoilpox Scrivener)

Seven Plaguebearer packs, a Beast of Nurgle and a Soul Grinder

With Dribwretch, a hulking Soul Grinder, supplying firepower, the infantry of the Shambling Horde advances into the thick of enemy fire.

The Worm-Ridden

Led by Mag-grub Larvalmaster (Poxbringer)

Four Plaguebearer packs, three Plague Drone packs and three Beasts of Nurgle

The Worm-Ridden carry within their bodies the latest of Nurgle's creations, the worm-borne blistereye disease, and it is their task to ensure it spreads.


Led by Giglex (Poxbringer)

Three Plaguebearer packs, four Plague Drone packs, two Beasts of Nurgle and a Nurgling pack

The most fly-covered of all the Septicus Tallybands, it was they that met and defeated the Ultramarines 3rd Company within the corrupted forest of Adellus.

Plagueswords of Bhadrub

Led by Bhadrub Buboepox (Poxbringer)

Five Plaguebearer packs, two Plague Drone packs and two Nurgling packs

The Plagueswords of Bhadrub held back the Ultramarines that came to halt the legion's defilement of Iax's wellsprings until reinforcements arrived.

Dirge Tollers

Led by Gurglax (Sloppity Bilepiper)

Seven Plaguebearer packs and four Nurgling packs

The Dirge Tollers devastated the Ultramar Defence Forces, Gurglax's mirth attracting a horde of capering Nurglings to his aid.

'A little pruning, some judicious planting and yes, this could be a fine addition to Grandfather's garden. But it needs work, my pretties... oh, so much work. Toll the bells, bring forth our best plagues and poxes - we have much grafting and seed-sowing to do.'
— Pox-Tyrant Septicus, upon viewing Iax, the so-called Garden World of Ultramar