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In the Warhammer Fantasy setting, Plaguebulls are the Minotaur champions of Nurgle.

Warhammer Armies: Beasts of Chaos (2003)

Warhammer Armies: Beasts of Chaos (2003), p23 — Doombulls

The largest and most intelligent Minotaurs are revered as Champions of the Chaos gods, and are known amongst the Beastmen as Doombulls. As with human Champions, a Doombull may swear allegiance to a single Chaos god, or worship them all with equal fervour, and this is often reflected in their appearance. [...] The Plaguebulls of Nurgle are foetid, bloated creatures, with gargantuan stomachs filled with corpse gas, and ridden with poxes and boils.