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The Befouling Host

An army of Nurgle daemons that often fights alongside Horticulous Slimux.

Blightwar (2017)

Blightwar (2017), p12 — Horticulous Slimux

The Grand Cultivator has fought alongside many of Nurgle's Plague Legions, for he will make use of whatever tools he must to get his sowing done. However, he is most often accompanied by a Tallyband from the Befouling Host. Tasked with garrisoning the fortifications of the Garden of Nurgle, the Befouling Host have a particular affinity for unleashing plague spores on their enemies and transforming their victims into living nurseries for all manner of malignant fungi. This appeals to Horticulous' sensibilities, and together he and the Befouling Host have wrought many atrocities in Nurgle's name.

Blightwar (2017), p33 — Fecund Riticulturalists

A Tallyband of the Befouling Host, these shambling and revoltingly green-fingered daemons are the perfect companions for Horticulous Slimux. They feel the weight of their duty keenly, and do whatever they can to defend their master and facilitate his bounteous sowings.


A Fecund Riticulturalists battalion consists of the following units:


Riticulturalists: Witnessing the seeding of Nurgle's Garden invigorates his children. You can re-roll hit rolls of 1 for models from this battalion whilst they are within 7" of Horticulous Slimux.

Fertile Ground: If the unit of Plaguebearers from this battalion is within 3" of Horticulous at the start of your hero phase, you may immediately replace D3 of its models that were slain earlier in the battle