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The strongest and toughest of Plaguebearers are given the title of Poxbringer and are set as Heralds of Nurgle to lead his daemonic hosts into battle.

Poxbringers include: Bhadrub Buboepox, Drollr Bleedeye, Wretch Gab'larr, Ghlub'tar, Giglex, Gru'glop, and Mag-grub Larvalmaster.

Codex: Chaos Daemons (2008)

Codex: Chaos Daemons (2008), p34 — Plaguebearers: Rotten Paladins of Nurgle

Plaguebearers are formed from the energy of mortals that died from Nurgle's Rot, the Lord of Decay's most virulent and deadly blessing. The souls of those infected by this disease are slowly leeched into Nurgle's realm, appearing as warty seed pods growing from the cracked branches of gloomy willows. Each pod swells and ripens as the Nurgle's Rot destroys its host in the real world and the nascent Plaguebearer feeds upon the victim's dying energies.

These pods emit a sickly aroma whilst turning into a pustule of excreta within which writhes the growing Plaguebearer. When fully matured, the podule drops into the mulch and the newly created Plaguebearer tears himself from the leathery cocoon A mortal who resists the ravages of the Nurgle's Rot for a significant period creates an equally long incubation period for their resultant Daemon, and this will grow into a Herald of Nurgle; a larger, tougher and more disgusting individual amongst the deformed masses of the Plaguebearers.

Herald of Nurgle4345232105+

Unit Type:
Daemonic Gifts:
Special Rules:
Daemon, Slow & Purposeful, Feel No Pain.
Heralds are also Independent Characters.

"All things must wither and die. Let root rot and bower blight, to feed the pestilence of abandoned hope."
— Aghalhor the Bringer of Poxes

Codex: Chaos Daemons (2013)

Codex: Chaos Daemons (2013), p47 — Plaguebearers of Nurgle

Heralds of Nurgle

A mortal who resists the ravages of Nurgle's Rot for a significant time creates an unusually long incubation period for the nascent Plaguebearer, resulting in a larger, tougher individual known as a Herald of Nurgle. Such warriors are testaments to the futility of denying Nurgle's embrace.

Herald of Nurgle55552438-

Unit Type: Infantry (Character).

Daemonic Gifts: Plaguesword (pg 62).

Special Rules: Daemon of Nurgle (pg 26), Daemonic Instability (pg 26), Deep Strike, Independent Character.

Psyker: A Herald of Nurgle that is upgraded to be a Psyker generates his powers from the Biomancy and Plague disciplines.

The Tome of Decay (2014)

The Tome of Decay (2014), p14 — Servants of the Great Paradox


Prime Corruptors, The Plagueridden, The Resolute

Those who receive the blessing of Nurgle's Rot endure some of the most twisted and foul bodily depredation imaginable. Sores swell, pulse, and split open, spraying pus and maggots. Bruises appear in an instant from even the slightest contact, often times with no contact at all, turning the flesh purple, yellow, and black. Fingers, toes, ears, and lips rot away and fall off. Hip bones soften and break, forcing leg bones through rancid flesh. In particularly vicious cases, the eyes and tongue become fertile breeding grounds of flies or even an especially mischievous Nurgling or two. It is a misery to which no amount of description can ever possibly do justice.

The toll it takes reaches beyond the physical form and into the minds and souls of the mortals who contract it. Still, dedicated followers of Nurgle understand that even this suffering is a gift from their master. Most bear the decay for as long as they can, cherishing each day of life and appreciating their place in the great cycle. There are those, however, who abandon all that Grandfather Nurgle has given them. They opt for a self-inflicted and untimely death rather than suffer with their malady as they promised they would. These wretches are forgotten. Cast aside by a disappointed lord, they dissolve into nothing, their flesh and souls utterly consumed.

There is a third path open to the strong and resolute believers. Resistance to Nurgle's Rot is always impossible in the end, but for these devoted mortals, the end can be forestalled. As their bodies collapse further and further into ruin, a peaceful calm comes over their minds and settles into their souls. At last, immobile heaps of little more than quivering flesh and rotted entrails, even these mortals succumb. When they are reborn in the Garden, their Plaguebearer form is more massive, stronger, and more powerful than those who could not resist the Rot as they did. These Plaguebearers reap one of Nurgle's greatest rewards, leading and inspiring their lesser brethren as Heralds of Nurgle.

Enemies Beyond (2016)

Enemies Beyond (2016), p119 — Bringers of Decay: The Pantheon of Nurgle

Herald of Nurgle

Mortals who manage to resist Nurgle's Rot for a lengthy time become powerful Plaguebearers, which are known as Heralds of Nurgle. These nightmarish creatures embrace their role and lead their daemonic brethren from the Garden of Nurgle to the mortal realms of man.

Herald of Nurgle (Master)

Wounds: 33

Armour: Head 19, Arms 20, Body 20, Legs 20

Movement: 4/8/12/24

Threat: 31

Vomit Attack: Class Pistol, Rng 5m, RoF S/-/-, Dmg 1d10+2 (E), Pen 4, Clip -, Rld -, Wt -, Avl -, Corrosive, Spray, Toxic (3)

Virulent Plague Sword: Class Melee, Rng -, RoF -, Dmg 1d10+157+SB (R), Pen 0, Clip -, Rld -, Wt 7kg, Avl UN, Corrosive, Toxic (2)

Skills: Athletics (S) +20, Awareness (Per) +10, Command (Fel) +10, Intimidate (S) +20, Logic (Int), Medicae (Int), Parry (WS), Psyniscience (Per) +20, Scrutiny (Per), Survival (Per)

Talents: Iron Jaw, Thunder Charge, True Grit

Traits: Baneful Presence (20), Daemonic (4), Dark-sight, Fear (3), From Beyond, Nauseating, Psyker (PR 4), Regeneration (1), Size (5), Unnatural Strength (3), Unnatural Toughness (6), Unnatural Willpower (2), Warp Instability

Psyker: A Herald of Nurgle can use any 4 powers from the Biomancy discipline, plus the power Nurgle's Rot (see page 406 of the Dark Heresy Core Rulebook).

Gear: Rot armour

Essence of Decay: Mere exposure to a Herald of Nurgle's foul presence can rust and degrade even the strongest materials. While within 20 metres of this Daemon, all equipment, weaponry, and armour functions as though it were of Poor craftsmanship, regardless of its actual craftsmanship, unless it possesses the Sanctified weapon quality. At the GM's discretion, other items may also be immune to this rule.

Codex: Chaos Daemons (2016)


Codex: Chaos Daemons (2016), p121 — Tallyband

The suppurating Daemons of the Tallyband trudge into battle, surrounded by the drone of a billion flies. A squelching flood of Nurglings spills across the battlefield at the host's fore, giggling and squealing as they nip and scratch the enemy. Behind these stench-ridden hell-mites shamble rank upon rank of dour Plaguebearers, their incessant counting interspersed with fatalistic grumbles and the odd phlegmy retch. The stink of the Tallyband is a weapon in its own right, a metaphysical foulness that seeps through every barrier to leave its victims weak and nauseated. Worse are the swirling clouds of flies that swarm blizzard-thick around the Daemons, blanketing the enemy in the crawling horror of their rot-fat bodies until they can barely fight back against the muttering killers in their midst.


Restrictions: None.

Special Rules

Distracting Swarm of Flies: Enemy units cannot fire Overwatch against units from a Tallyband.

Enfeebling Nausea: At the start of each Assault phase, enemy units that are locked in combat with any units from a Tallyband must pass a Leadership test or reduce their Strength and Toughness characteristics by 1 for the duration of that phase.

Harbinger of Nurgle: If the Herald of Nurgle from this Formation is a Lesser Locus of Virulence, Greater Locus of Fecundity or an Exalted Locus of Contagion, the special rules associated with that locus affect all units from this Formation that are within 12" of him. If such a unit is also affected by another locus, they will receive both benefits.

Codex: Chaos Daemons (2016), p122 — Rotswarm

Bounding and buzzing, flopping and flapping, the bestial Daemons of Nurgle lurch awkwardly to war. They are herded by a Herald of Nurgle bearing the dubious title of Mouldsire of the Rotswarm, whose task is far from an enviable one. While they can impale a man with every proboscis stab, Plague Drones are spiteful, wilful Daemons that wish only to hurt other living things. The Beasts of Nurgle are all but impossible to herd, being lolloping simpletons whose joy at the sight of new playmates deafens them to even the most desperately bellowed commands. Despite these challenges, when the Mouldsire succeeds in herding the Rotswarm into the enemy's ranks the Daemons become a foul wall of corrosive slime and crushing bodies that swiftly reduces its victims to bubbling corpse-sludge.


Restrictions: None.

Special Rules

Harbinger of Nurgle: If the Herald of Nurgle from this Formation is a Lesser Locus of Virulence, Greater Locus of Fecundity or an Exalted Locus of Contagion, the special rules associated with that locus affect all units from this Formation that are within 12" of him. If such a unit is also affected by another locus, they will receive both benefits.

Corrosive Slime: All units in a Rotswarm have the Hammer of Wrath special rule, and these attacks have the Poisoned (4+) special rule.

Dubious Command: At the start of each of the controlling player's Assault phases, the Herald of Nurgle from a Rotswarm can attempt to direct a single unit from his Formation that is within 12" of him. To do so, he must take a Leadership test. If the test is passed, the directed unit can re-roll failed charge rolls and all models in the unit can make 3 additional Attacks until the end of the turn; if the test is failed, the directed unit must attempt to charge the nearest enemy unit in this Charge subphase, but is otherwise unaffected.

Index: Chaos (2017)

Index: Chaos (2017), p67 — Daemon Hierarchy

Greater Daemons Bloodthirsters
Fists of Khorne
Guardians of the Throne
Blooded Ones
Lords of Change
The Eyes of Tzeentch
The Feathered Lords
The Watching
Great Unclean Ones
Plague Lords
Fly Masters
Stench Lords
Keepers of Secrets
Slayers of Slaanesh
Feasters of Pain
Despoilers of the Flesh
Heralds Heralds of Khorne

Heralds of Tzeentch

The Changeling
Heralds of Nurgle

Heralds of Slaanesh

The Masque
Lesser Daemons Bloodletters
Khorne's Chosen
Teeth of Death
Takers of Skulls
Pink Horrors
Whirling Destroyers

Blue Horrors
Spinning Sourguts

Brimstone Horrors
Nurgle's Tallymen

Pus Spores
Mites of Nurgle
Children of Slaanesh
Bringers of Joyous Degradation
Seekers of Decadence
Daemonic Beasts Flesh Hounds
Hunters of Blood

Juggernauts of Khorne
Soul Crushers
Flamers of Tzeentch
Burning Horrors
Fire Daemons

Sky-sharks of Tzeentch
Discs of Tzeentch
Beasts of Nurgle
Slime Hounds
Nurgle's Lapdogs
Fiends of Slaanesh
Unholy Ones

Steeds of Slaanesh
Tongue Lashers
Degraded Ones
 Daemon Princes
Soul Grinders

An army of Nurgle Daemons

The putrescent hordes of Nurgle are led to battle by mountainous Great Unclean Ones, creatures strong enough to crush a tank.

Codex: Chaos Daemons (2018)



Codex: Chaos Daemons (2018), p54-55 — Heralds of Nurgle


A mortal who resists the ravages of Nurgle's Rot for a significant time transforms into an unusually resilient Plaguebearer, resulting in a larger, tougher individual destined to one day reach the rank of Herald as a Poxbringer. Such warriors are testament to the futility of denying Nurgle's embrace, but speak volumes about how much the Lord of Decay values determination and the most obstinate perseverance. Through their will and defiance, the Heralds-to-be stand taller and broader than the Plaguebearers that surround them. Upon proving themselves in battle or service, each is rewarded by Nurgle himself. The first sign is a lengthening of the single horn that juts out of their misshapen heads, followed by the sprouting of a magnificent set of rotting antlers as if to crown such malformed glory. Further engorged by the touch of blessed diseases, Poxbringers grow stronger and tougher still, becoming true champions of their kind. With their newfound strength, a Poxbringer can hack down multiple Bloodletters with a single swing of their balesword.

The change undergone by Poxbringers is more than just a physical one. Imbued with a generous portion of the unnatural vitality of Nurgle, Poxbringers project an aura of disease. This vile atmosphere is sometimes visible as a hazy fug that surrounds them. So noxious are these emanations that they can empower fellow minions of Nurgle. This ability makes Poxbringers the ideal lieutenants to lead a unit of Plaguebearers into battle, for the Herald's energies invest his charges' plagueswords with further virulent might, allowing for a greater spread of disease. With a single bale-eye glowing, Poxbringers can also tap into psychic powers, using them to vomit forth diseases or smite down the foe with horrific viruses.

Unlike the jolly Great Unclean Ones, Poxbringers are closer in temperament to Plaguebearers, but even less morose. As they are filled with a greater portion of the curdled energies of Nurgle, Poxbringers are gifted with far more personality than any of the droning Lesser Daemons they lead, most typically expressed in their gallows sense of humour. The Poxbringers pit their mumbling gripes against the boisterous, booming voices of the Greater Daemons that lead them, one side hopeful and ebullient about what might be done, the other grousing as they are the ones tasked with actually doing it.

In addition to leading Plaguebearer formations, Poxbringers can also be found in a variety of other roles, both in the Plague Legions and throughout the Garden of Nurgle. Powerful Great Unclean Ones use Heralds as subordinates, personal disease-tasters or right-hand advisers. Lord Dhripit the Grand Ulseer - a rising favourite of Nurgle - often deploys seven Heralds as his own formidable honour guard. The Poxbringer Ghlub'tar fell out of favour due to his unceasing stream of glum retorts, and was put in charge of the Nurgling masses that followed the legion into battle during the final stages of the Plague Wars in Ultramar. While originally envisioned as a punishment for his sour attitude, the results of his Nurgling assault waves were so impressive that the position has since become a permanent one. Ghlub'tar, naturally, grumbles about this constantly.

Always watchful of his minions, Nurgle himself selects the most accomplished of his Poxbringers and amply rewards them with special tasks. This is a true honour and such duties are discharged with solemn pride, be it as guardian of a sacred site in the garden, or as an observer of some new disease. One such individual is Wretch Gab'larr, who is tasked with studying the effects of Nurgle's plagues upon specimens never before encountered, then describing them to his master upon the porch of Nurgle's manse.

'Grumbling? I'm not grumbling. I should be grumbling, though, leading this lot of stumbler-mites. 'Tis the chanting I can't abide. Always the Eyerot ditty, never willing to give another disease a chance. And there they go again, not even worthy of their mucus...'
— Ghlub'tar, a sample of his stream of invective