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Plague Toads

Plague Toads are oversized daemonic beasts, used as mounts by Plaguebearers.

Forge World both wrote the background and rules and produced the models for this particular creature, for Warhammer Fantasy. They were later included in the Warhammer 40,000 setting as well.

Plague Toads are associated with Tamurkhan.

From the Forge World website on their Daemon Plague Toads models:

Plague Toads, also called Rot-Eaters and Sewer-Kin, are mutated, pseudo-amphibian sacs of brackish filth and pus whose wide maws can swallow a man whole. Plague Toads are drawn to places of disease and decay, and in such places those versed in the lore of the Plague Father can summon these daemon-vermin and bind them to their will.

From the Forge World website on their Daemon Pox Riders of Nurgle models:

The foetid mere that serves the Plague Father as a realm has spawned all manner of daemonic beasts, and the lesser of these such as Plague Toads, are often corralled and herded into battle as mounts by Nurgle's Plaguebearers, who go lolloping into battle atop these verminous horrors to taint and slaughter mortals, in a tide of nightmarish horrors.

Stars of Inequity (2013)

Stars of Inequity (2013), p74 — The Passing Storm

From time to time, localised Warp storms intrude on the Expanse, bringing all manner of nightmares into reality, at least briefly. The utterly unpredictable nature of these events is an ever-present danger for those courageous or foolish enough to seek their fortune among the Halo Stars. The Warp intrusions can materialise in ways ranging from strange temperature fluctuations and unusual weather to full-fledged Daemonic invasions, and everything in between.

Unsuspecting Explorers might find an otherwise uneventful expedition to an alien world complicated by an unnatural hail of black ice or plague toads, rapidly mutating flora and fauna, or even the presence of ravening Daemons.