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Pestilent Flail

In the Warhammer 40,000 setting, a Pestilent Flail is a melee weapon used by Nurgle's followers.

The Tome of Decay (2014)

The Tome of Decay (2014), p43 — Decaying Armoury

Pestilent Flail

Part censer, part weapon, the Pestilent Flail spreads contagion as it sails through the air, a thick green cloud following each strike. Anyone trained in the weapon's use are true monsters in close quarters, able to quickly kill whilst masking their movements with the haze that emanates from the weapon.

Whenever a Heretic makes a Melee Attack with a Pestilent Flail, he gains a +10 bonus to Dodge Tests until the end of his next Turn. Any Heretic not dedicated to Nurgle suffers 1 Damage (ignoring armour and Toughness Bonus) whenever he makes an attack with a Pestilent Flail.

Table 2-2: Exotic Melee Weapons
Pestilent Flail†Melee5m2d10+6 E4Concussive (1), Flexible, Unwieldy6kgExtremely Rare

†This weapon has additional rules. See full rules for more details.