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In the Warhammer 40,000 setting, Corruption is a Hellforged Artefact of Nurgle.

Codex: Chaos Daemons (2016)

Codex: Chaos Daemons (2016), p133 — Hellforged Artefacts of Nurgle

Corruption — 25 Points

This fabled weapon is the literal manifestation of corruption in its purest form. The merest scratch from its plague-ridden edge is enough to lay low the hardiest foe and can effortlessly overcome even the superhuman resilience of a Space Marine.

-*-Melee, Hyper-infection, Touch of Rust

Hyper-infection: Any hits inflicted by this weapon automatically cause Wounds (there is no need to roll). Use the bearer's Strength characteristic as normal for the purposes of armour penetration against vehicles or determining if a target suffers Instant Death.

Touch of Rust: Weapons with this special rule cause a glancing hit on an armour penetration roll of a 6, unless the roll would otherwise cause a penetrating hit.

Great Unclean One, Daemon Prince of Nurgle or Herald of Nurgle only.